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Provide quality education to children

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Imparting value-based education for holistic development

Teachers who are educating children through hands on experience activities and put in immense effort into moulding them for a brighter future are really the true inspiration.

Danish is very a bright child. He is very active in the school. His father is a tempo driver and mother is a maid. They belong to a middle-class family.

They barely had enough money to pay for their necessities.

His parents are working so, Danish used to stay at his friend’s house. Due to lack of interactions with parents, he started misbehaving in the home and school as well. He looked disinterested in the classroom activities.

Teachers conducted the home visit and shared the concern of his behaviour with the parents. Parents realised how important it is to spend quality time with the child. As the days passed and with the support and attention from the teacher, Danish’s behaviour started changing. Danish is a very bright child and is always ready to do and learn new things.

Your help will ensure kids like Danish receive the much need holistic education that will contribute to their overall growth and development.

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Our Goal is to enable access of quality education to every child in our country (through our partnerships with Government and non-governmental organizations, working at grassroots level).

The Uniqueness of our Program (The ‘Total Systems’ Approach) - the strength, sustainability and efficacy of our program lie in its two distinctive features:

A. An integrated teacher education program: Our school leaders, administrators, subject faculty and teachers belong to the same community as that of our students. With our intensive one year pre-service and subsequent ongoing in-service training and development program, they become empowered, progressive thinking and confident teachers who nurture and develop children from their own communities which pivots them to role models and social change agents within their neighbourhood.

B. Our pedagogy and classroom processes which promote active constructivism and twenty-first century skills of critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, rather than passive rote learning, enables our students to develop an inclusive global outlook and sound universal values.

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About The NGO

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Muktangan is an innovative model of education located within mainstream Government schools providing quality, child-centred, inclusive English-medium schooling to thousands of underprivileged children in Mumbai. Their learning environment nurtures sensitivity and free-thinking, developing the all-round personality of each and every child.

'Mukt' means freedom and 'Angan', the space in front of the home. They are actually the "Education for the Community, by the Community", developing teachers from the same neighborhoods as the students, who then become empowered change agents. They aspire to build and multiply a model of low-cost, high quality, youth education in the weaker section of the society and creating a program for empowering women in these communities by helping them to become teachers.

They have started a program called PCT as an educational programme to tender the education to orthodox people by providing high-quality English medium education for economically backward people in the society.They have built schools with 72 trained community teachers to teach around 3185 students.For their dedicated and hard work, they received the 'Most Committed NGO' of the Year by the Early Childhood Association India Working for young children and their education.

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Founded in 1991
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Awards And Recognitions

2014: Akhil Bhartiya Oswal Parishad (r)

2017: Approval of Regional Resource Training Centre

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This program is fully funded because of donors like you.