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Provide nutrition to malnourished children


Anuj growing up without malnourishment!

Arun (name changed) was 1 year and 1 month old when he was admitted in the nutrition OPD of FMCH. His baseline weight was 6.60 kg and a check-up indicated that he was severely malnourished.

He belonged to a poor family and his father worked in a printing shop and was the only breadwinner to feed a family of four. The FMCH staff identified Arun during the OPD educational talk at Wadia hospital and counselled her mother about the importance of nutrition. It was then that Arun was admitted in the OPD.

Initially he was provided medical nutrition therapy and was brought to the OPD regularly for check-ups. His growth and nutritional status were monitored and he was also treated for recurrent infections. His status gradually improved and he was put on home-based nutrition intervention. Inclusion of energy and protein rich foods and consistent medical care helped Arun grow into a healthy child.

Nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to malnutrition, which puts children at greater risk of dying from common preventable infections. Donate to provide timely intervention to these children and give them a chance to live. You can donate for the well being of children with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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Children with acute malnutrition are identified by FMCH by measuring their height, weight and MUAC. It helps them assess the complications faced by the malnourished children including infections.

They then counsel parents about the importance of nutrition and convince them to make their children go under proper treatment. Children are provided with nutritional food and they are taken care of by the doctors on a regular basis. The aim is to achieve the proper weight with right kind of treatment and nutritional balance.

Counselling ensures that the caregivers are more aware of the importance of nutrition and healthy status of child is maintained. Nutrition counselling is also provided to pregnant and lactating mothers through weekly education sessions conducted in OPD at the maternity hospital. The aim is to keep the mother and child healthy and well-nourished through the first 1000 days of life.

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About The NGO

Foundation for Mother and Child Health
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Foundation for Mother and Child Health

FMCH is a grassroots organization that focuses on bringing good health and nutrition intervention for women and children in vulnerable communities of Mumbai. Their programs encourage preventive health, balanced nutrition and child development practices in underprivileged communities. To this effect, they have adopted a holistic approach to embrace, educate and empower mothers and children in their social environment.

The FMCH Training Center was launched with the objective of developing a cadre of professionals across Maharashtra and eventually the entire country, that is equipped with the right knowledge and best practices in order to impact a larger community. Urban Nutrition Initiative and Project Poshan are nutrition-specific interventions where FMCH works closely with the families and communities at large to promote good health, hygiene, and nutrition practices.

The programs initiated by FMCH impact close to 927 pregnant and lactating mothers annually. They dream of a world where the potential of each child is not limited by poor early health or malnutrition

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Founded in 1991
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Piya Mukherjee

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Foundation for Mother and Child Health has

directly supported 1552 women and children with quality healthcare

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5 August, 2020

Importance of nuttition for a malnourished child.


Importance of nuttition for a malnourished child.

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Children with acute malnutrition are identified by FMCH by measuring their height, weight and MUAC. It helps them assess the complications faced by the malnourished children including infections. Community Nutrition Initiative (CNI), Bhiwandi has been designed to address the issue of malnutrition and poor maternal and child health in the Bhiwandi area by working in partnership with the ICDS. The initiative provides an opportunity to reach an underserved population where the burden of malnutrition is high. FMCH shares its knowledge and approach with existing systems so that the best practices will be adapted by the Government for long-term change. As a part of the project, we are working with 213 ICDS (Pop 213,000) and adjacent Health Posts for capacity building and ensuring all services are availed by the local population. FMCH has 2257 registered beneficiaries out of which 1294 are children in the age between 7-24 months and 467 are pregnant mothers, 506 are lactating mothers. FMCH conducts anthropometric measurements in the community to monitor the growth of children to keep track of malnourishment.

Target Children: 1294 No. of Children Growth Monitoring done:- Children age between 0-6 months: 48 Children age between 7-24 months: 119

Note: Due to NRC and COVID 19, number of AWC and Beneficiaries reached out for growth monitoring are less

Case Story of Rajeev:* (Name changed) Here is a story of Rajeev who was severely malnourished (9 kgs for a 4 year old child) when one of our Field Officers met him and his mother in Anganwadi No.1 in Bhiwandi. His mother was very worried about his weight and started seeking help, as she had no family support. When she visited the Anganwadi FMCH’s Field officer checked his weight and without wasting any time she immediately started nutrition counselling with her and she followed all the instructions given by the field officer on nutritional requirements and all the recipes that can be incorporated into his diet to increase the weight. The Field Officer also helped to admit Rajeev in the hospital for 14 days. With proper diet and health care in the hospital he gained 500 g. After returning from the hospital his mother continued in providing nutritious food to Rajeev under the guidance of the Field Officer and in a few months he gained 3 kgs.

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