Provide nutrition supply for a person living with HIV AIDS by Native Medicare Charitable Trust

Provide nutrition supply for a person living with HIV/ AIDS


Durga is infected with HIV/AIDS. Her husband died of the same infection, leaving two children behind, of which one is also HIV infected. She lives with her mother and works as a coolie for daily wages. She is on the ART treatment and was very weak owing to her low CD4 count. Due to this she was unable to attend her work regularly.

During their routine visits, NMCT field staff found Durga and got to know about her dire situation. She was counseled by the NMCT and motivated to take ART medicines regularly. A health supplement 'Dabur Chawanprash' was also provided to her to recover faster. She is regularly monitored by the NMCT field staff and reported about her health status. Her CD4 count has also improved and now she is regularly going for her work.

Health problems for the poor could also make them lose their livelihood. Expensive treatments are often out of their budget with pressing daily needs and less income. Your donation can give a poor person another chance to live. You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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The program aims to provide healthy and dignified life to people living with HIV (PLHIV). They do it by helping to reduce poverty, discrimination and human rights violation and improving victim's self-confidence, health, economic status and social acceptance.

The field staff through regular field visits and personal interview identifies the most needy beneficiaries who need support. This project supports infected beneficiaries out of which 80% are from the BPL families. This is because poor often tend to get infectious diseases, which often makes them unable to work regularly due to physical weakness. Continuous illness also makes them lose most of their earnings on medical expenses. This in turn results in the acute poverty in the family.

NMCT provides the beneficiaries with health drinks to increase their CD 4 count (if less than 350). They also provide Manna Health Mix on doctor's recommendation. The NGO distributes these at their head office. Patients visit them once every three months and collect three packets of 600 grams each. Doing so, the patients save almost 600/month.

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About The NGO

Native Medicare Charitable Trust
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Native Medicare Charitable Trust

NMCT implements sustainable livelihood development program for remote tribes, care and support for the people and children infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, prevention of HIV/AIDS among industrial migrants, and childhood development through health and nutrition education. Around one thousand families infected by HIV/AIDS have been provided with care and support for treatment services, nutritional food supplements and health care activities in 8 blocks of Coimbatore district.

The health and nutrition education in Anamalai block covering school and community children, adolescents & women has impacted thousands of children, adolescents and women in practicing healthy lifestyle through regular nutritious food. The mission of the organisation is to have sustainable holistic development among the underserved.

During 1986-87 the founder of the organization was a student in the Bharathiar University doing studies on Ethnic Tribes and their traditional practices. The needs of the underserved community and desire to support them as a part of the society was his reason for joining the voluntary sector.

Mr. A. S. Sankaranayaranan, Director of NMCT, formerly a Professor at an Ayurvedic college, met tribal people during his research in the forest area. He found that the Tribes were selling their lands for meager amounts and so he decided to dissuade them by making them economically viable. NMCT also felt the necessity for empowering women and run programmes on childcare, health and hygiene for the needy.

In 2017, Native Medicare Charitable Trust was awarded the Credibility Assurance Team by the Credibility Assurance Team Certificate of Appreciation for Awesomeness and the Guide Star India by the Guide Star India Commitment to Transparency.

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Founded in 1991
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A. S. Sankaranarayanan

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Tamil Nadu

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2014: Senior Seva Award 2016-17

2014: Guidestar Platinum badge

2017: Rani Laxmi Bai Bravery Award of Government of Uttar Pradesh

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December 2018

Program Updates

Program Updates

30 September, 2021

The nutrition food support created a good impact and provided quality life to people with HIV-AIDS


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Activities and work undertaken in the last 5-6 months

We have identified over 3,600 people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) over the last 7 years in Coimbatore and Tirupur Districts. Among these PLHIV patients, around 500 are the poorest of the poor. Due to the impact of HIV/AIDS, they frequently fall into severe illnesses. They couldn’t attend to any hard labour work and earn income for a nutritious meal with their financial constraints. Our project has supported such beneficiaries with nutritious food packets containing green peas, BL chana, green gram, ragi flour, soya and dry dates for Rs.300/-. This supplement improves their health and develops their immunity. We have distributed 668 nutrition packets to the PLHIV patients from January to June 2021 from the CBO office Pollachi (Santhippom Positive Welfare Society), NMCT Head Office Coimbatore, and LIFE Project Office Tirupur.

Challenges faced and next steps

Challenges Faced:- The cost of the nutrient packet has considerably increased.- Due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the beneficiaries found it very difficult to access the disbursement points due to transportation problems. - As crowding has been restricted, disbursements had to be made for many days.- The list of beneficiaries has to be updated by deleting the deceased and migrated beneficiaries and including the new beneficiaries.- We had to overcome the problem of staff shortage by deploying more employees/volunteers from other projects.We aim to identify more beneficiaries who have been impacted by COVID-19 over the next 6 months and include them.

Stories from the ground

Stories from the ground:Ms Alagathal, belonging to the small hamlet of Kottur Palaniyur, is a widow aged 48 years and is infected by HIV/AIDS. She lost her husband 8 years ago to HIV/AIDS.She is the only breadwinner of the family, with two sons, aged 14 years and 12 years. She is working as agricultural labour to earn a meagre income of Rs.200/- per day. She gets work only for 15 to 20 days a month.She makes her living with the two sons with this meagre income. She couldn’t afford a nutritious meal. The supplements provided by GiveIndia is supporting her to maintain her health to carry out her hard agriculture labour and earn for her family regularly.

23 March, 2021



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NMCT has been working among the people and children infected by HIV/AIDS and their family members, under the project entitled “LIFE”. The Specific objectives of the project are Increased access to and utilization of health services for 1000 PLHIV, Sustainable livelihood opportunities for 1000 PLHIV, Continued educational support and skill development to 750 children infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, PLHIV community support structures are established and strengthened in Tirupur district and linked with existing Federation for collective efforts and sustainability and Reduced STI/HIV transmission among key populations.
The people infected by HIV/AIDS especially the elderly generation could not attend to any work/job due to their ill health. They suffer for a square meal of the day and they do not afford for nutrition supplements. If they are not supported by nutrition supplements their health will deteriote day by day and results in their death.
Consequently, provision of Direct Services such as Sustainable Nutrition Support to PLHIV are made every month containing soya, peas, channa, moong dhal, ragi and dry dates, enabling the PLHIV to access nutrition supplements to maintain their health.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the PLHIV were given awareness on Corana pandemic, wearing of mask, hand washing, social distancing and intake of nutrition supplements to increase the immunity power. The PLHIV were also supported with Dry ration kits, containing Rice, oil, green dhal, toor dhal, tea powder, masala powder, sugar, wheat flour etc.,

5 July, 2020

Successful distribution of the nutrition kits


report imagereport image

Successful distribution of the nutrition kits

We distributed all the 321 supports during the quarter from Dec-2019 to Feb – 2020. The supports were distributed at the nearest locations of the HIV/AIDS infected persons, at the NMCT office, project office, Care come and Counseling center.