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Provide nutrition supplements to children with cancer

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Reshma is winning her battle against cancer!

Reshma was 10 years old when she was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. She had to undergo bone surgery and chemotherapy but her tiny and fragile body was in not ready for such intense treatment.

She is from a poor family and her parents did not have enough money to give her the food and nutrition she needed to endure the treatment. Without nutrition, the body reacts to chemotherapy like it is being poisoned. Reshma's condition only got worse over time.

She had no strength left in her hands and could not walk without a walker. She was weak, in pain and forgetting the last time she felt normal. She had lost hope of reaching there again.

When Cuddles discovered Reshma, they enrolled her in their program. They gave her a high-calorie protein-rich diet. They helped her build strength to accept the strong treatment that she needed.

Reshma gained weight and began to restore herself over time. She is still undergoing her treatment but now has a real shot at beating cancer.

Children with cancer need strength to endure treatment. You can help poor families afford chemotherapy by donating for their food and nutrition.

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