Provide new hope to a poor person with special ability by The Association of People with Disability

Provide new hope to a poor person with special ability


Gyanprakash becomes independent again!

"Till recently, I was happily married with two beautiful daughters and a steady job. I wanted nothing else from life. Today, I am wheelchair-bound, unable to do even the basic tasks like using the toilet," Gyanaprakash says.

42-year-old Gyanprakash had a spinal cord injury (PwSCI), which left him immobile. Just as Gyanaprakash was beginning to feel hopeless and thought he would spend all his life being dependent, he was referred to APD.

After three months of therapy specially designed for his condition, as well as moral support, he is now able to manage himself independently. There is pride in his eyes as he says, "I can now move from my bed to the wheelchair and to have a bath and wear my clothes without assistance. I am now living for the sake of my daughters. My company has also been supportive and has promised to give me back my job. The future is not hopeless anymore."

Your small monthly donation can give someone like Gyanprakash a hope to live again. **You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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There are several people with disabilities in India. Out of that, very few are gainfully employed. The reasons for this are many and could be a lack of opportunity, encouragement and/or poverty. However, the primary reason is that most of them come from the lower strata of society, where disability is viewed as a curse primarily because of the lack of awareness about the same. Added to this, their disability prohibits them from coming out of their shells. They end up becoming a burden to themselves, their parents, community, and society at large. Or else they sink into depression and frustration and perish at a premature age.

This program supports the salaries of the staff at APD and material for mobility aids such as crutches, splints, and calipers.

This donation will help make these people self-reliant. Beneficiaries are identified through hospitals, camps and in-house users. Physiotherapists make an assessment and prescribe calipers. Once the Ortho unit receives the prescription, the assessment prototype is made and the final product is fitted to the beneficiary after the physiotherapist's approval.

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The Association of People with Disability
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The Association of People with Disability

APD was founded as an NGO in Karnataka in 1959, working for equality, dignity and justice for People with Disability (PWD). Founded by a visionary, a polio afflicted lady, late Ms. N. S. Hema’s aim was to empower persons with disability to become active, contributing members of society.

In the Early Intervention Program, APD’s pioneering work for Children with Special Needs (CWSN) in the age group 0 to 8 yrs has been accredited as the best replicable model. APD’s Inclusive Education’s model for CWSN’s was assessed by the Education Department of the Government of Karnataka, based on the “Inclusive Education Assessment Format” for Children With Special Needs and recommended for use in all government schools in the state. Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) initiated as far back as 2004, based on the CBR model, covered 19041 persons with mental illness (PWMIs). Spinal Cord Injury Program (SCIR) is the only program with an Institutional and Community based delivery model along with a transdisciplinary social model that reached 3300 beneficiaries. APD’s work on for Youth with Disability (YwD) is commendable.

APD has collaborated with Central Government to run Rehabilitation Council of India and Tata Institute of Social Sciences certified courses to address the acute shortage of skilled, certified manpower for the disability sector through its Institute of Disability for Rehabilitation and Research (IDRR).

In 2018-19, APD served 65,000 beneficiaries in the disability ecosystem in 14 districts of Karnataka.

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Founded in 1991
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Christy Abraham

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2017: National Award SPANDAN 2014

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Program Updates

23 March, 2021

Spinal Cord Injury



APD is a pioneer organization in Karnataka that has an extensive community based programme that reaches out to socio-economically challenged people with SCI. The program uniquely combines physical, social and socioeconomic rehabilitation and ensures community reintegration after rehabilitation. APD employs different models of service delivery to provide quality services to PwSCI. APD consults with PwSCI and the caregivers to choose best model that suits the rehabilitation needs. PWSCI choose to enroll in intensive rehabilitation through Comprehensive centres for rehabilitation and/or short term camps in their own locality for rehabilitation. Community re integration is usually ensured through home visits and/or tele-rehab. Home level accessibility and livelihood support services specially ensures a sense of equality and an enhanced quality of life. Caregivers, health care sector and the government are equally sensitized and capacity built to promote inclusiveness. This enables a sustainable ecosystem that encourages PWSCI to lead a dignified life in society.

In the 3rd quarter all restrictions were lifted by the state government and our community staff resumed their normal functional mode to achieve their mission. We initiated multiple models like Tele Rehabilitation, developed various digital contents and intensified the remote follow ups to cope with the situation. Sensitization on CoVID Protocols was done periodically and regular follow ups were conducted to ensure the same.

APD decided to run the all units to provide the services to PWD’s as per the following Govt. instructions. APD initiated lot of programs for PWD’s through organized the awareness camps, distributed the dry rations kits, ensured the require assistive devices & mobility aids, counselling services, awareness & sensitization programs, connected with livelihood opportunities, trainings and connected with government services through webinars and face to face services.

The spinal cord injury rehabilitation team initiated the intensive rehabilitation services across the Karnataka with 5 centres, started to provide the face to face services through home visits, distribution the dry ration kits, providing the self-care kits through health department for managing the secondary complications, organized the wound management for PWSCI’s in community, provided appropriate mobility aids and assistive devices, conducted awareness/sensitization for different sector stake holders, initiate the livelihood opportunities for people with spinal cord injury in different business models, done assessment for the accessibility assessment through webinars and face to face services. Introduced the criteria’s to staff for following the safety measures during provide the services to beneficiaries in community visit as well as intensive rehabilitation services.

We restarted community residential camps for PWSCI’s with COVID precautions and successfully and conducted the capacity building session for the participants. Providing the adequate food materials support and giving awareness on maintenance of the belongings like mobility aids, wheelchairs and make sure them to maintain the surrounding area with health & hygienic. Provided the guidance for care takers what are all safety measures have been taken during engage with people with disabilities and connected with peer group, local organizations, and disability federation to avail the any emergency services in remote areas and ensure the require awareness materials in understandable and local language.

We are excited and happy to share that three of our rehabilitated PwSCI are contesting in the Grama Panchayath election. It is a well-known fact for all of us about the multiple struggles that the contestants face during the election. In spite of their Disability, our three super role models Mr.Girish from Davangere, Chirestanahalli Grama Panchayath, Mr. Nagaraj from Chikkaballapur, Devaragudipalli Panchayath and Mr.Henry Joseph from Kolar, Doddura Karapanahalli Grama Panchayath has filed the nomination paper to serve their respective areas. The guidance and confidence that we APD provided to these individuals has molded and driven them to take up huge challenges. From the state of dependency they have remodeled themselves to take an integral role in the society and work for the needy. We believe that these aspirations of our three alumnae will be an example for all the PwD to redefine their lives and actively participate in the society.