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Provide Legal Aid for survivors of sexual assault

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Sheela's family kept their hope through all their battles!

Sheela* is a young girl from a poor family in Mau, Uttar Pradesh. Her father worked as a carpenter and a daily wage labourer to sustain them. But no matter how much he toiled, he could never earn enough to take care of the family of eight.

When Sheela was 15, she was kidnapped. Her father searched for her everywhere he could, but in vain. He even got the police involved but they did not help much. When no authority he reached out to helped him, he began to lose all hope of ever finding his daughter again.

When he heard of the NGO Guria, he approached them for help. They pushed the case with the authorities and made sure that it was given the importance it deserved. The police finally tracked Sheela down in six months and a case was registered against the kidnappers.

The accused kept threatening her and her family to withdraw the case. When they didn't agree, Sheela was kidnapped again. She was trafficked to Mumbai by the accused where she was gang raped and sold. When she was being moved again for prostitution, she managed to escape from the trafficker and call her father to inform him about the whole incident.

With the help of Guria, they brought Sheela back home as soon as they could. The staff at Guria ensured that she got the medical care she needed. They also registered her case in the court again and are pushing for her to receive justice.

They shifted Sheela's family to a safer location and provide them witness protection while the trial is pending. They also counselled Sheela and made sure that she got the emotional support she needed to move forward.

Young girls like Sheela need all the support they can get to rise after the trauma they undergo. You can stand up for them by donating to help them with the needed resources to get back up. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.

*Names changed to protect the identity of the survivor.

It takes a lot of strength for a young girl to fight against sexual abuse and overcome its trauma. She needs all the support and help she can get during this period to get back up and keep going.

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