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Guria provides legal aid to women and children who have been rescued from sex trafficking as well as standalone cases of rape and assault in the community.

They work with the primary aim of ensuring that the perpetrators are put in jail without bail. Conviction is a secondary goal as it takes a long time for court verdicts in the Indian judicial system.

In many cases of abuse, the victims are very reluctant to file an FIR with the police because of social stigma. Many victims are afraid of the authorities and do not have faith that the justice system will protect them. In such cases, they work with the victim and/or their families to help hem lodge an FIR or a complaint in proper sections with the police stations or courts.

Once filed, Guria supports the victim to provide the relevant evidences to the investigating officer and protects the victims from being further abused or threatened by the perpetrator. Guria has its own set of lawyers who assist the government lawyer to build the case. The lawyers also work with the victims to help them for deposition in the court.The lawyers also work with the victims to help them for deposition in the court.

After ensuring arrest and submission of chargesheet against the perpetrators they aim to ensure that the perpetrators are retained in jain without the possibility of bail. In case of delayed justice, Guria also work in areas of witness protection, brothel seizures, opposing custody by the same traffickers etc.

The time between the incident and filing an FIR varies from same day to as long as 4 months. The investigation period could by itself be from 6 months to a year. The common roadblocks that are faced are denial of FIR Registration, delayed investigation and filing of chargesheet in improper sections, delayed medical examination of the victims and the accused, delay in recording of statement before magistrate, non-collection of evidences scientifically as per law, no free and fair investigation, facilitating the accused in absconding by delay in arrest

Once the investigation is completed the police file a chargesheet which allows them to arrest the accused and produce them in court.

In parallel to the court proceedings, they also work with the victims providing them counselling aid to help them go back to normal life. In some cases they also provide financial aid along with the government compensation to help them set up income generating activities.

When you support this program you help a survivor of abuse get access to legal aid and counseling.

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About : Guria India

Guria is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fighting child prostitution, second generation prostitution, trafficking of women and children for forced labour or sex primarily in Northern India.

Their aim is to have a world free of these vices, eradicating the slavery of women and their children in brothels, which they aim to achieve by ending their dependency on the criminal nexus involving drugs, sexual exploitation, mafias, police, politicians, and, above all, the impunity enjoyed by all those criminally involved.

Guria’s approach is focused on rescue and legal intervention. Their strategy is to support ageing and former victims of sex trafficking and forced prostitution as well as adolescents so that they themselves do not become victims.

Advocating for improvements in government policy and law enforcement pertaining to trafficking and prostitution is another major activity of Guria. They not only provide justice to survivors, but also work to support them and rehabilitate them.

Guria was started in the year 1993 by Ajeet Singh. His journey into this foray started when he adopted three children of a woman from a red light area at the age of 17!

The strong team of Guria work tirelessly to fight for justice against any form of sexual exploitation of women & children, especially forced prostitution & sex trafficking.

The other programs of Guria include community mobilization, campaigns in schools, sensitization of stakeholders like the police, media, advocates, ngos, cbos, etc, advocacy, international collaborations, health support, literacy and nutrition of children in red light areas through Bal Kendra.

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It takes a lot of strength for a young girl to fight against sexual abuse and overcome its trauma. She needs all the support and help she can get during this period to get back up and keep going.

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