Part sponsor accommodation of a poor child by Bethany Society

Part sponsor accommodation of a poor child


Help superheroes like Bertina!

Bertina Lyngdoh was three and a half years old when she lost her sight due to typhoid. For no fault of hers, her parents tried abandoning her thrice. For her good care, her grandfather brought her to Bethany Society as a frail, feeble and reclusive child. With time and care she grew into a healthy teenager. There she developed her self-belief and after completing her schooling from Jyoti Sroat School, Shillong (A Unit of Bethany Society), Bertina became the first ever visually impaired person in Meghalaya to complete her post-graduation from a mainstream university.

She expresses her feelings about Bethany lovingly - "It is a platform where I continue to draw my inspiration from. I learned invaluable life skills at Bethany Society such as punctuality, discipline, honesty, sincerity and most importantly self-reliance"

Through love, tenderness, understanding and motivation, Bertina grew into a strong woman. Bertina's story is one of many such stories where a person with disabilities went on to live an independent life with dignity after moving out from Bethany Society. Together with your support, we can ensure that "No one is left behind".


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Jyoti Sroat (The source of light) School, Bethany Society is an inclusive school in Shillong. The school aims to empower vulnerable groups of children with disabilities and also the ones coming distressed backgrounds, to be part of the mainstream along with providing educational opportunities for them.

The students come from extremely deprived backgrounds. Bethany Society has been providing an enabling environment to these children for the last 25 years. They believe that these simple factors have given rise to aspirations that in turn drives achievement. According to Bethany Society, “We alone can stir a ripple, but together we can trigger and propagate a congenial wave of opportunities and possibilities for these precocious children who are entitled to lead a “Life with Dignity.”.

Children at Bethany Society need Superheroes like you to enable a child live more amply. Together we can fight to end their plight, together we can contribute to build their fortitude!

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Bethany Society
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Bethany Society

Bethany Society started in 1981 in Mendal, East Garo Hills, Meghalaya, India. It was started under the vision and inspiring leadership of Sister Rosario Lopez. Their dream is of an earth fully alive, wherein everyone enjoys the fullness of being. They work towards this by forming partnerships with people, communities, and resources. This helps create opportunities which empower, enhance dignity, include and lead to the security of health, nutrition, livelihoods and shelter in a sustainable manner. They work with people in vulnerable situations. They could be persons with disabilities, children, youth and women. They also support people living in extreme poverty, particularly those residing in remote rural areas. They work in the Northeast region of India and the major focus of interventions in Meghalaya. Their strategy is: To organize programs on disability which are inclusive, barrier free and rights based. They do this using the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) approach. To create sustainable livelihoods and promote micro-enterprises, particularly among rural communities. They do this through the application of appropriate technology. They have startergized so as to promote an attitude of stewardship towards the earth and to create and join networks for greater impact. They value transparency, excellence, collaboration, interdependence and networking in furtherance of our dream.

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