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Amina fights her abusive husband in court to get custody of her daughter

Amina was married to Abdul. After her wedding, she came to know that he was unemployed and hardly earned anything. He spent his days as a local goon.

He never provided for the family. He started to harass her for dowry. As Amina and her family could not give in to the dowry demands, he started to physically abuse her. Soon, her in-laws also started to abuse her.

She suffered all the abuse silently. In the course of time, she got pregnant. Throughout her pregnancy neither Amina husband nor her in-laws cared for her. After a hard pregnancy, she gave birth to a baby girl who she named Rubina.

After Rubina was born, Abdul abandoned them. With nowhere to go, Amina moved to her parent's home. Amina now glad that she was out of Abdul clutches, decided to raise Rubina herself. She started working. She enrolled her in school and was determined to give her an education.

Life was going by until one day when she returned from work and spotted Abdul playing with Rubina!

Worried about their safety, she contacted Majlis. Majlis intervened by filing a police complaint against Abdul. They moved the court for urgent injunction orders restraining him from taking Rubina.

At court, Abdul contended that after 7 years Amina could not claim maintenance. Majlis retaliated that there are no time limitations on her right to claim maintenance under Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

The court passed positive orders in Amina favor for maintenance, custody, and protection.

Now Amina and Rubina are finally free and safe from Abdul.

With counseling and legal assistance domestic violence victims like Amina can regain their confidence and rebuild their lives.

Your help can transform many more lives like those of Amina. You can donate so that underprivileged domestic victims get legal aid. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


Access to legal services gives victims of domestic violence the support to bring their abuser to justice and rebuild their lives.

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