Help women and children fight sexual violence

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Help Survivors Keep Fighting After the Outrage Has Died Down

As the nation is in outrage about the gruesome cases which have caught the limelight, there are thousands of young children and women who have survived horrific cases of sexual assault and rape. Majlis, a Mumbai-based NGO, works with these victims to provide legal aid and counselling.

Geeta* didn't know what rape was until the police told her that it was what her father was doing to her.

She was just 8 when it started. Her mother had died and she was at the mercy of her alcoholic and abusive father.

She was scared to speak up when the same happened with her siblings. After years of suffering, she finally worked up the courage to run away from home. She was 16. She reached Mumbai and was referred to Majlis through a well-wisher. She told her heart-wrenching story to the legal professionals at Majlis, and asked for help.

Majlis supported Geeta throughout her struggle. They pushed her case in court, and finally her father got sentenced to 10 years in jail. Her original family home was recovered with help of her neighbours by Majlis and she was reunited with her siblings at a shelter home.

Often we focus our anger on the immediate news cycles and the horrific stories that emerge. For child sex abuse victims like Geeta, making sure that they are safe and protected is the first step to rehabilitation. Making sure that her attacker will face punishment is the best way to assure this.

For over two decades, Majlis's all-women’s team comprising lawyers and social workers has provided social and legal support to ~50,000 women and children facing violence and helped them access justice.

Give now and support child sex abuse victims like Geeta get legal services to fight their battles.

*Names changed to protect the identity of the survivor.


Change your outrage into action. Help abuse survivors rebuild their lives and fight for justice.

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