Help women and children fight sexual violence



Help women fight sexual violence


Help Survivors Keep Fighting After the Outrage Has Died Down

As the nation is in outrage about the gruesome cases which have caught the limelight, there are thousands of young children and women who have survived horrific cases of sexual assault and rape. Majlis, a Mumbai-based NGO, works with these victims to provide legal aid and counselling.

Geeta* didn't know what rape was until the police told her that it was what her father was doing to her.

She was just 8 when it started. Her mother had died and she was at the mercy of her alcoholic and abusive father.

She was scared to speak up when the same happened with her siblings. After years of suffering, she finally worked up the courage to run away from home. She was 16. She reached Mumbai and was referred to Majlis through a well-wisher. She told her heart-wrenching story to the legal professionals at Majlis, and asked for help.

Majlis supported Geeta throughout her struggle. They pushed her case in court, and finally her father got sentenced to 10 years in jail. Her original family home was recovered with help of her neighbours by Majlis and she was reunited with her siblings at a shelter home.

Often we focus our anger on the immediate news cycles and the horrific stories that emerge. For child sex abuse victims like Geeta, making sure that they are safe and protected is the first step to rehabilitation. Making sure that her attacker will face punishment is the best way to assure this.

For over two decades, Majlis's all-women’s team comprising lawyers and social workers has provided social and legal support to ~50,000 women and children facing violence and helped them access justice.

Give now and support child sex abuse victims like Geeta get legal services to fight their battles.

*Names changed to protect the identity of the survivor.


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Program Description

Majlis Legal Centre, through its program 'Rahat' provides socio-legal support to victims of sexual abuse.

In the first response, the all-women team of lawyers and social workers meets victims and understands their needs, offers legal consultation and presents them with the pre-litigation and litigation options available as well as the pros and cons of their case.

Documents, procedures, and processes are explained to them so that they can take an informed decision.

The survivor is informed about the availability of legal services, public & private schemes such as shelter, education, medical, legal aid, etc.

Further legal help is also given as required in the case. Donations to this program will be used for legal documentation and processes expenses as well as personnel salaries of lawyers fighting for sexual violence victims.

When you donate to this program, your help will ensure that the victims have access to lawyers who will fight for them.

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About The NGO

Majlis Manch
Majlis Manch Logo
Majlis Manch

Majlis Manch is a Public Trust and an NGO headed by renowned Advocate and Women's Rights Activist, Flavia Agnes.

Majlis started in 1991 as a response to a growing need for lawyers with a gender perspective who are dedicated to evolving innovative legal practices to defend women's rights.

Majlis had started by providing legal support and guidance to women facing domestic violence to access their rights and pursue justice in courts. They further extended support to women and child victims of sexual violence as well as sexual harassment at the workplace.

They are also involved in training, research, campaigns, and publications on issues concerning violence against women and children. They work to demystify laws and make them accessible to judges, lawyers, prosecutors, police, NGOs and other government and non-government representatives and most importantly, to women themselves.

The broad categories of their programs are as follows:


Rahat (for sexual violence, domestic violence, and social support)

Training and Awareness

Policy interventions and public campaigns


Publications on women's legal rights and Research

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Founded in 1991
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Audrey Dmello

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Area of Operation
Area of Operation

Sexual Abuse | women

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Location of Work


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Program Updates

Program Updates

9 April, 2019


Program Update

The co-founder of Majlis, Flavia Agnes was amongst the 13 Awardees of the Bharatiya Mavata Vikas Puraskar, 2018. She used this platform to speak about her work and experiences, and provided insights and suggestions that opened up newer portals to the immense possibilities that lie ahead, instilling belief and faith in our civilization.

Majlis organised a meeting with the Maulas and Muftis associated with Darul Qazas to collectively help Muslim women protect their rights in a swift and fair manner. The topics discussed were Initiatives to build peace and harmony on the ground. Interventions to secure rights of Muslim women and challenges faced. Margilization, State Repression and Concerns of Muslim Women.

On the request of the Crimes Against Women Cell - Crime Branch, the org conducted region wise training for Police Officers and Staff of POCSO Special Cells across Mumbai.

They conducted 5 such trainings for each Region, North, South, East, West and Central. Each training was for 5 hours. The purpose of the training was to build the capacity of officers and constables appointed as members of the POCSO Special Cells at every Police Station. The focus of the training was to make sure that participants were provided with legal knowledge and best practices to be followed at the time of registration of FIR, recording of victim statement and investigation. The participants were sensitized to ensure that the comfort, dignity and best interest of the victim is upheld at all times.

Story from the field

Apar was referred by an ex client and from an ngo med AIDWA. She was married since years together and has 3 children from the wedlock. Her husband was abusive. On or around the year 2015 she was asked to leave the house and go to her village. During this time her husband along with his brother ensured that all her belongings were shifted and she was put on rented premise. When she returned she was shocked. However she adjusted. Though she stayed in the rented premise with her children and husband in the night, she stayed with her brother in law's family during the day.

When she approached Majlis in April 2018, her husband was on the verge of dispossesing her and surrendering his rights in rented premise. Further he told her that he shall ensure she does not get an entry into the matrimonial house too. She came to Majlis at this point of time. She was helped with her document evidence. Unfortutely the time was less as her case was urgent. They immediately moved the court in 2 days.Majlis convinced the Judge to atleast pass ad interim orders for her to secure her residence in the matrimonial house and restrain the husband and the brother in law from throwing her out. However they could not secure orders for rented premise as she did not have a proper proof of residence there.

Subsequently the papers reached the husband and he was shocked on receiving the case papers. He tried delaying the case. He kept his brother absent as the police did not give status report on service of summons on him. Majlis was able to convince court on his dilatory strategy and insisted that summons have been served on him as they live together and service on adult member of the family is valid. The court was convinced too. Majlis then pressed on his say and did not fall in the dilatory ploy. In the say he admitted the rented premise which made the case strong for induction on rented premise. Further he admitted he paid rent 4 lakhs as heavy deposit. This will be helpful for the maintence case too.

However the court changed and matter is before new judge.

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