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A healthcare center that helped Anira get back to her livelihood,

Anira is 54 years old. She lives in Barddhaman district. She works as a domestic help in a few homes in the neighboring towns. She earns a very meagre income which just about helps her in making ends meet.

She has two daughters. With great difficulty she got her older daughter married . She wants to get her younger daughter married too. However, she isn't able to arrange for finances for the wedding.

Recently she started falling ill regularly and was unable to work. She started feeling dizzy and having frequent headaches and chest pains. She wanted to get medical attention but couldn't afford to visit the doctor because of her financial situation.

A neighbor then told her about the health center set up by Rural Health Care Foundation. When she came to know that the consultation cost would be minimal, she went to the health center to seek help.

Dr. Adhikary, the physician of the Health center diagnosed her with a case of high blood pressure. She had been suffering from high blood pressure for some time. Her blood vessels were weakened as she was not taking any medicines. She was so weak that if her blood pressure was not lowered immediately she could have had a stroke.

She was immediately given medicines free of cost. She was also told to practice some exercises to lower her blood pressure and keep it under control.

Under his supervision she made a quick recovery. Anira's weak immune system was responsible for her illness. Due to the lack of awareness and facilities in the village, she did not know how to respond to her symptoms.

Under the guidance of Dr. Adhikari, she is now rebuilding her health. She visits the health center for regular checks. She now can work and earn her livelihood without stress of her illness.

Anira, grateful for the help, now recommends the health center to all her friends and family.

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Access to and awareness of affordable health care services will ease the burden of healthcare costs for the underprivileged.

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