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Rishi’s smile is now his parent’s hope

Rishi is from a remote village in Assam. He was born with a cleft lip. People around him did not understand this defect. They began to treat his family poorly.

They were mocked and looked at as outcasts. They could not deal with the ill treatment any longer and locked themselves in their home most of the time. Soon, life became unbearable for the family.

It was then, that Rishi's mother Anupama heard about Mission Smile and decided to take him to there. Mission Smile helped Anupama understand more about the defect and agreed to sponsor his surgery as she could not afford it. They helped him with a correction surgery for his cleft lip.

After the cleft lip correction surgery, Anupama was overjoyed. She felt as though her son was born again. Rishi now smiles with all his heart and is invited home by all his neighbors and treated like one of their own. The pain and stigma that came with his cleft lip no longer torments the family and they now had a chance to rejoin the community with no hesitation.

You can make a difference to poor families by donating to help children with cleft lip surgery. Your donation will give them a chance to live with peace with dignity. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


Cleft lip is a birth defect that can be corrected by a simple surgery. Your donation can help poor children get access to this surgery.

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