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Help special needs children get access to care and support



Help special needs children get access to care and support


Every monthly donation helps more children like Kalpaga get care

Four-year-old Kalpaga was born with a severe intellectual disability, so her parents gave her up to the Cradle Baby Center in Dharmapuri. She was sent from institution to institution before finally landing up at Sri Arunodayam. Her physical and social development was severely delayed and she needed constant supervision.

The caregivers provided her the care she needed round the clock. They cared for her like real parents. With care and physiotherapy, she is now transforming her life.

She can now stand and walk on her own, and her hand-eye coordination has improved tremendously. By supporting the care mothers you can enable them to provide care to many mentally challenged children.

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Sri Arunodayam is an NGO that undertakes care and rehabilitation of orphaned and abandoned mentally challenged children. Their aim is to provide a safe environment where these children have access to their basic rights of protection, education, healthcare and a happy childhood. They take care of abandoned mentally challenged children found in railway stations, hospitals and bus stand.

They are rescued by Child Line India Foundation or the police and are sent to Sri Arunodayam for care and rehabilitation. The organization appoints care mothers who care for these children. These care mothers are well-trained to take care of mentally and physically challenged children. Many children are bedridden and are unable to look after their personal needs.

The care mothers look after them, clean them, feed them and nurture them. When you donate to this program you enable mentally challenged children get access to affectionate care and support.

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About The NGO

Sri Arunodayam
Sri Arunodayam Logo
Sri Arunodayam

Sri Arunodayam is a Registered Charitable Trust that was founded to fill the gap of awareness and medical facilities for the marginalized sections of humanity. The organization has built its foundation on humanitarian values that uphold the dignity and right of this much-neglected section of the society and have set out with a vision to ensure that the mentally challenged children remain safe and enjoy equal opportunities.

With a staff of over 50, the organization has worked relentlessly towards providing care and protection to the mentally challenged abandoned children and has promoted the rights of such children along with encouraging the society to integrate them. The organization has provided food, medical care, clothing, physiotherapy, special education and speech therapy to 106 children and restored 77 abandoned Mentally Challenged Children with their parents.

Their honorable work was awarded the World of Children Award by the World of Children Foundation for their Humanitarian service and the Duruva Star Award by the Sudesi Magazine for their service to the Mentally Challenged. With an emphasis on ability rather than disability, their core values reflected in their work include Transparency, Credibility, Equality, Compassion, Dignity, and Inclusion

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Ngo Founder
Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Iyyappan Subramaniyan

Area of Operation
Area of Operation
Area of Operation

Mental health | children

Location Of work
Location of Work
Location of Work

Tamil Nadu

Sri Arunodayam has

provided special education to 200 disabled children last year

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Awards And Recognitions

2016: Best Green Campus Award

2013: GuideStar India NGO Transparency Awards

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December 2018

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Program Updates

Program Updates

30 October, 2018

Sri Arunodayam's Update


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Program Update

Thank you dear donors for your generosity.

We, Sri Arunodayam, have put your contribution to good use in providing services to around 115 children in our care. (1) Care & Support: care-giving (safe shelter, food, clothing), medicines/medical interventions; (2) Special Education: education for children according to their abilities - Pre -Primary Level 1, Primary, Vocational, Early intervention and Custodial care; (3) Therapy and rehabilitation: physiotherapy and the use of muscle stimulation equipment to help in blocking and managing pain while reducing swelling and inflammation; (4) Occupational therapy: helping children achieve independence in all areas of life. Activities to improve cognitive, physical, and motor skills and enhance self-esteem; (5) Vocational training: providing training for youngsters in skills to sustain a trade; (6) Crisis intervention: assisting in rescues, helpline response, legal procedures, medical evaluation & follow-up, procedures with Child Welfare Committees (CWC), police, and other bodies, admissions and referrals.

Story from the field

Akshaya is a sweet 15 year old; a soft-spoken, well-mannered girl, always smiling and radiating a joyful spirit. She seems like a girl who must have had a happy childhood albeit some learning difficulties, but Akshaya's story is actually very traumatic.

She was abandoned when she was a month old, at a home in Madurai. Apparently, her parents were too poor to afford her treatment. She was ADL (Activities of Daily Living) dependent then. Akshaya came to us when she was 7 years old as she is moderately intellectually disabled with cerebral palsy, and a speech disorder. Despite working on her speech, Akshaya still finds it difficult to speak coherently but somehow manages to get her message across.

Akshaya was put through a rehabilitation program that involved a nutritious diet, medical treatment, physiotherapy, early intervention special education and occupational therapy. We are grooming her in vocational activities and she weaves colourful wire baskets and attends tailoring classes. Now independent in ADL, she takes care of the children by feeding, washing and grooming them so meticulously that she is indispensable to our care givers!

Akshaya far surpasses her role as caregiver (which she assumed entirely on her own!). We believe she will make a wonderful Vocational Trainer someday. From a life of total dependence 7 years ago to one of complete independence today, Akshaya has more than proven that she has an indestructible spirit.

Expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19115
Number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program this year115

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