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Help rural woman get access to gynecology care


Every monthly donation helps women like Sharada access gynecology care

Sharda Devi, 42 is a resident of Abu road. Sharada's husband Girdhar Parihar, works as a plumber and has an unstable income. Sharda began to suffer from excessive bleeding and abdominal pain. She went to local doctors for treatment but due to wrong diagnosis, she continued to remain in pain.

A Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC) field worker identified her during a regular visit and referred her to Global Hospital. After a specialized gynecologist consultation and tests, she was diagnosed with Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding.

She was recommended for a hysterectomy for removal of both ovaries and Fallopian tubes. The consultation, stay and surgery was performed free of cost. Sharda is now free of pain and has recovered well under the able care of a gynecologist.


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J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC) in this program works to offer free or subsidized gynecology treatment to tribal and rural women. The field workers identify needy woman through outreach programs in villages where the hospital runs support programs and through out-patient walk-ins.

They are evaluated for eligibility for free treatment and then recommended to the hospital. The patients who can afford at least some part of the treatment are encouraged to make part payments. The villages around the hospital do not have access to gynecology or maternal care.

Many women with chronic illness suffer without any proper treatment. Qualified gynecologists are employed to serve these cases. When you donate to this program, you help the women in tribal and rural areas of Mt.Abu get access to gynecological or surgical care.

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About The NGO

J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre
J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre Logo
J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre

J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC), considered as a haven for healing, was commissioned with a view to deliver healthcare to all, irrespective of the patient's economic or social standing.

Based at Mt Abu in the Sirohi district, the founders initiated their services with only four hospitals with bed strength of 457 serving 750,000 people. Now, with over 800 staff members their annual services claim more than 136,000 free consultations at hospitals and fields, over 3500 patients and at least 1500 minor and major operations.

Their noble objective shines brightly with the fact that in 25 years, no patient has ever been turned away for want of money to pay his or her bill. GHRC was awarded the Office of the Commissioner of Customs Jodhpur Certification for offering services to the community on free or no profit-no loss basis. Additionally, they achieved the Rajasthan Government's appreciation of Rastriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram for providing advanced treatment to needy sick children.

GHRCs tremendous efforts have built a strong bridge to realizing their mission to provide world-class complete healthcare services, responsibly and with a human touch at affordable prices.

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Founded in 1991
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J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre has

provided free out patient consultations to 1,03,381 underprivileged patients

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2017: Social Media for Empowerment Award

2016: Principals' & Teachers' Excellence Awards

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Last Audited
Last Audited by GiveIndia

December 2018

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Verification Visit Reports

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Program Updates

Program Updates

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

2381 women saw Dr Saurabhi Singh, the hospital’s gynaecologist and obstetrician between October 2018 and March 2019. Dr Singh runs the clinic and a labour room assisted by a nursing attendant and labour staff. Consultation is a free facility at J Watmull Global Hospital & Research Centre, Mt Abu, where scores of patients hail from less privileged socio-economic backgrounds. With the support of GiveIndia, Global Hospital is able to offer poor women with free consultations and support for gynaecological operations. Between October and March, Dr Singh hospitalised 44 patients needing treatment, and of these, 6 were treated for free.

Story from the field

Sunari, aged 39, suffered from lower abdominal pain, heavy discharge during menses and backache since four years. When the pain became unbearable, one day Sunari stepped into Global Hospital to consult the gynaecologist. Dr Kanaklata Mishra examined her, and requisitioned a blood test for Sunari. Her blood sugar was within the normal range but her blood counts were somewhat abnormal. She tested negative for hepatitis B and hepatitis C and HIV. Her ESR count (which is a marker of inflammation in the body) was borderline. Dr Mishra found a small cyst in her ovary, and an ulcer inside her uterus and pelvis. Sunari was prescribed medication for her condition and advised to inform the doctor of her progress. Sunari comes from a family of seven members. Her husband, Kala, was in an accident three years ago. He suffered injuries over his whole body and a leg fracture. He has never fully recovered from that so he doesn't work. Her family rears goats. She relies on what her brother-in law earns and on her own earning, she occasionally works as a daily wage hand. Sunari has three daughters and one son. One of her daughters and her son are school-going. Sunari lives in Nichali Fali, Uplagarh. She is of tribal origin.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19? 6000
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date 5746
Village/City/State where project is located Mount Abu / District Sirohi / Rajasthan
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19 1861000
Total Expenses for the project YTD 1861000

30 October, 2018

J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre's Update


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Program Update

J Watmull Global Hospital is a multi speciality hospital with a clinic dedicated to gynaecology and obstetrics. All the outpatients and a number of the admitted patients consulted the gynaecologist Dr Saurbhi Singh for free. Needy women are either referred by the mobile clinics teams (Village Outreach Programme circle/Community Service Project) or identified during through outreach consultation programmes or are direct walk ins. All these women typically hail from financially less privileged families; most of them are from tribal areas or villages. Additionally, women under BPL card holder families are supported.

Story from the field

Sodri Meghwal comes from a family of five members. Her husband works as a daily wager in a hotel earning Rs 6,000 per month. She has two daughters and one son. One daughter and one son are school going while the second daughter is married. She visited the gynaecologist Dr Saurabhi Singh for severe abdominal pain during the menstrual cycle, backache, giddiness, pain in her legs and profuse bleeding every month since one year. She was advised a hysterectomy. Dr Singh operated on her on September 26, 2018. Sodri was very grateful for the treatment and for her recovery.

Expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19 7000
Number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program this year 3271

8 June, 2018

J Watumull Global Hospital's update


Alt Text

2127 women saw Dr Saurabhi Singh, the hospital's gynaecologist and obstetrician between September 2017 and February 2018. Dr Singh runs the clinic and a labour room assisted by a nursing attendant and labour staff.

Consultation is a free facility at J Watmull Global Hospital & Research Centre, Mt Abu, where scores of patients hailing from less privileged socio-economic backgrounds come for treatment.

Rinku Devi saw the gynaecologist Dr Saurabhi Singh for an unhealthy cervix with abnormal uterine bleeding. She was advised to undergo a hysterectomy. She desperately needed financial help for the treatment. Her husband is the only working member in the household, who works as a cook's helper earning around Rs 6,000 per month. She and her mother-in-law stay at home. She has two sons and two daughters who all attend school.

Global Hospital offered her a concession of Rs 10,000 towards the cost of treatment. With that help, she was able to meet the balance bill and underwent a hysterectomy operation, Dr Saurabhi Singh operated on her. She stayed in the hospital for four days.

This surgery was made possible by this program.

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