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J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC) in this program works to offer free or subsidized gynecology treatment to tribal and rural women. The field workers identify needy woman through outreach programs in villages where the hospital runs support programs and through out-patient walk-ins.

They are evaluated for eligibility for free treatment and then recommended to the hospital. The patients who can afford at least some part of the treatment are encouraged to make part payments. The villages around the hospital do not have access to gynecology or maternal care.

Many women with chronic illness suffer without any proper treatment. Qualified gynecologists are employed to serve these cases. When you donate to this program, you help the women in tribal and rural areas of Mt.Abu get access to gynecological or surgical care.

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About : J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre

J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC), considered as a haven for healing, was commissioned with a view to deliver healthcare to all, irrespective of the patient's economic or social standing.

Based at Mt Abu in the Sirohi district, the founders initiated their services with only four hospitals with bed strength of 457 serving 750,000 people. Now, with over 800 staff members their annual services claim more than 136,000 free consultations at hospitals and fields, over 3500 patients and at least 1500 minor and major operations.

Their noble objective shines brightly with the fact that in 25 years, no patient has ever been turned away for want of money to pay his or her bill. GHRC was awarded the Office of the Commissioner of Customs Jodhpur Certification for offering services to the community on free or no profit-no loss basis. Additionally, they achieved the Rajasthan Government's appreciation of Rastriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram for providing advanced treatment to needy sick children.

GHRCs tremendous efforts have built a strong bridge to realizing their mission to provide world-class complete healthcare services, responsibly and with a human touch at affordable prices.

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Access to quality gynecology care lays the foundation to build strong future generations

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