Help reunite a runaway child with family by Sathi, Bangalore

Help reunite a runaway child with family


Help more like Beraram to get back to his family

Beraram was sent to Bangalore by his father from Bilada village in Rajasthan to work in the city and earn better. His employer used to force him to work which Beraram wished to discontinue. So he ran away from the place of his employer.

Beraram was found at the railway station of Bangalore on July 14, 2008. The NGO motivated him to go back to his family. His travel expenses of Rs.4000 were borne by his employer as a part of compensation of Rs.14,000 for child labor. The employer also agreed to never employ a child again.

The child was also provided with food and shelter for the eight days before leaving for home. The counselor also explained Beraram's father how dangerous it could be for a child to be in the city alone. He also motivated him to continue his son's studies instead of sending him to work. He told him that his son could have a better paying job once he completes his standard 10. The child agreed and asked his father to admit him in school and gave Rs.14000 to him.

Seeing Beraram's condition, his parents were convinced not to send him to the city alone ever again. Right now, the child is at home and working with his father and is also attending school in the evening. Your donation can motivate a poor family to educate their children. **You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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Sathi is an NGO that works with government homes and facilitates in reintegrating the child with the family as soon as possible through the Child Welfare Committees (CWCs). The project aims at rescuing children who have run away from their homes and now live on railway stations. Sathi ensures the protection of these children and helps in reuniting them with their families.

The beneficiaries are the children and their parents. The NGO staff locate the children on railway platforms, bring them to shelter homes, help them adjust to their new surroundings and figure out the problem. The counsellor then talks to the child to sort out his problem. The child is handed over to the parents only if he/she wishes to return to their families. If the child does not wish to return or if the family cannot be traced, they are referred to CWCs or another NGO for vocational training after 15 days. Sometimes, the families are unable to bear the travel cost, which is then provided by Sathi. Medical help is also provided to those who cannot afford it. For instance, a child named Praveen was rescued from Bangalore city railway station and brought to the shelter. He had skin rashes all over the body. All medical assistance was provided and the child and the mother were sent back only after he was completely cured.

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About The NGO

Sathi, Bangalore
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Sathi, Bangalore

In 1992, an organization called Prerana had been working with farmers in North Karnataka's Raichur district. Prerana offered its office as a shelter for children, who were mostly living on Raichur railway station.

Over the next 3 to 4 years, the activities with the children expanded and recreational activities were included such as picnics, skill training programs like cycle-repair, screen printing and so on. Although the attempts to place them in jobs met limited success, the engagement with children continued. After a family adopted one child, they realized that many of these children were not abandoned by their families, but had opted to 'flee' because of certain reasons (which in most cases were not very serious) without actually thinking of the consequences.

The concept of 'restoration' or 'home-placement' of children thus began to take shape. Ground research revealed that the parents are also distraught when the child leaves; and they often attempt to search the child without any leads. There was a zeal within the team members to work on this issue in a dedicated manner and a new organization was carved out of Prerana. SATHI was born.

Founded in 1992, SATHI was formally registered in 1997 in Raichur, Karnataka. With the growth of the organization and expansion of work, SATHI moved its head office to Bangalore. Over the years, SATHI has worked in more than 40 different locations in 14 states across India and has helped nearly 60,000 children reunite with their families.

Passionate about children and their well-being, Pramod Kulkarni founded SATHI with an initial focus on providing immediate care and opportunities of resettlement for run-away children. Experience and research convinced him that run-away children could be settled back with families. An action-oriented individual, he decided to demonstrate this possibility - in large numbers and at a national scale.

SATHI continued to work with Raichur as a base until the year 2000. During this phase, the work was restricted to Raichur and Wadi in Karnataka and Guntakal in Andhra Pradesh. From 2000 to 2006, the work expanded to cover other locations in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. The year 2000 also marked the beginning of SATHI's work in Government Children Homes.

The year 2006 marked a new phase in SATHI's history, when it began to expand its geographical spread across the country through collaborations with other NGOs. Between 2006 and 2010, SATHI collaborated with more than 30 different organizations and covered railway stations in 10 states including Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh.

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Founded in 1991
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Basavaraj Shali

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Sathi, Bangalore has

reunited 352 runaway children with their parents through the Child Welfare Committee

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2014: Advanced Level- Guidestar India Platinum

2016: Certificate of good partnership

2016: Rashtriya swayamsiddh Samaan

2015: NGO Excellence Award

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December 2018

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Program Updates

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