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Help provide counseling to women


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Jyoti and Rohit got married in 2003. Jyoti wanted to study further but Rohit did not allow her. They had a hard time together with *Jyoti becoming a victim of oppression by her husband and her in-laws. *

Rohit was unemployed for which Jyoti was being blamed by her in-laws. One day, they kicked out Rohit for not doing anything. Jyoti accompanied him considering it her duty as a wife to be with her husband in difficult times. The situation got worse for them, with Rohit being under a huge debt. Their relationship went for a toss with Rohit becoming violent and beating Jyoti often.

Jyoti was disheartened at her condition and wanted to improve things. She knew nothing will change unless she takes some bold steps. That was when she approached Mahila Suraksha Salah Kendra, Alwar and shared her situation. The NGO called her husband and his family to the center and held an individual as well as a joint meeting with both parties to facilitate a mediation.

Jyoti's husband held Jyoti responsible for his unemployment and stated that her mother and Jyoti always had altercations. He wanted to save his marriage and hence he left his house. Jyoti's father shared that Rohit didn't do anything for livelihood from the beginning, to which Rohit said that his father always wanted him to be a government officer but he wanted to be a businessman. That is why his father is always sulky with him. Jyoti expressed her decision of not wanting to go home either with Rohit or her parents. Rohit said that he would commit suicide if Jyoti leaves him. This made Jyoti go through a lot of mental stress and worry about her future. They were then sent to Swavlamban Pragatisheel Alpavas Grah, where they both agree to never enter into an argument and will agree to whatever the in-laws would say.

The center counselled them to take their own responsibility and look for a job. They also told them that the center is there to help if the couple needs it. Jyoti's father in-law promised the center to arrange a flat for the couple. On follow up, it has been found that Rohit and Jyoti will soon shift to their new flat. Rohit has also opened his own CCTV shop and the couple is now living independently. Your donation can help a woman take a bold step and improve her life. **You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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Sapna runs multiple programmes in Alwar and Delhi. In Alwar, they have Mahila Surakshan Kendra. There are 2 counsellors, 1-2 constables (who accompany them for field/home visits) and help the women in distress. Once a woman comes to their office for help, she is informed about the process involved. If the woman agrees then the case is registered. A few sessions are planned for them where women share their problems and get counselling from the team. This is followed by a session with their husbands to listen to their perspective. If the husband refuses to come, they are summoned by the local police. Families are then involved to counsel the couple and bring them into agreement.

In cases of rape and divorce, they also guide the women around the legalities involved. In cases the women do not want to formally register the case, only their contact details are noted and counselling is provided to them. However, if the women come back, the team tries to convince them to register the case. They also guide them to the police station or a court if there is a crime involved. Once a case gets resolved/temporarily closed, they stay in touch with the beneficiary to check their well-being. At times, cases are also reopened and counselling continues.

Their other programs are Assistance and shelter to trauma patients at AIIMS and Safdarjung hospital in Delhi, home for the destitute in Alwar and Delhi, Computer training, school and after school programme for girls in Kaduki, Mahila Surakshan Kendra in Alwar. They also conduct outreach sessions on women rights, domestic violence, child sexual abuse etc. Workshops are conducted in schools also, in order to reach out to the young girls and making them aware of their rights. They also have tie ups with other NGOs (Ebtaba, Sangharsh, Savera Manch), with whom they conduct joint sessions for women.

Their office in Alwar is a part of a palace donated to them by a member of the royal family. It houses Sapna Shishalaya (school), Anandam (destitute home), Pankhuri (after school programme) and computer training centre. They also have a District Support Group (DSG) meeting where all the local NGOs meet to discuss on different schemes/aspects (employability, income generation schemes, legal aspects etc).

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Sapna was created by a group of professionals who shared a dream to work on a people-centric model of development in areas of public health, education, women empowerment, community development and social welfare.

Inspired by Gandhian ideals of social change, their primary objective is to: Empower the poor and marginalized; Provide shelter to the sick and destitute; Promote community health programmes and services; Support literacy centers and e-learning; Facilitate livelihood programmes; Help the poor access information and resources; Work for environment protection and conservation. Their basic focus is to help those who are the most vulnerable and are in dire need of help.They believe that development has to be holistic to break the vicious cycle of poverty and wish to bring about visible change. They work by focusing energies in these sectors as well as building their understanding of the related issues.

They believe that any organization, or for that matter, any individual, whose fundamentals are based on the virtues of honesty, ownership towards our society and regard to human dignity, are bound to grow in the right direction and the last 10 years have been a testimony to this philosophy.

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Founded in 1991
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Sudhir Pratap Singh

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provided care and nourishment to 367 unknown trauma victims

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