Help poor farmers get access to food grains for their farms and homes

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A bank that lent Kushma grains for her family

Kushma and her husband are farmers who live in Sambharpur village of Maitha Block, Kanpur Dehat. Kushma is 48 years old. Unfortunately, a few years ago her husband lost one leg in an accident. She has three daughters and a son. Two of her daughters are married and living with their families.

They have only 0.75 acres of cultivable land. They also work as share-croppers to meet their family expenses. Even after working really hard, the meager income they had was not enough for their needs.

During the lean season, her stock of food grain was almost finished, and the next harvest was after 2 months. Kushma's family faced survival problems. If she borrowed grain or money from money lenders, she would have to pay a considerable interest. If she didn't the family would have to starve until the next harvest.

Kushma discussed her problem with her sister, who is a member of Maa Laxmi Swayam Sahayata Samooh.

Her sister then told her that the group had set up a grain bank and where she could get one quintal of wheat as a loan. At the time of harvest, she would have to return 1.25 quintals.

Kushma requested for the loan. A group meeting was called to discussed Kushma's case. The members agreed to provide grains to Kushma. She got 1 quintal wheat to meet her family needs.

Ma Laxmi Grain Bank ensured food security to Kushma's family. This timely support helped her family from the clutches of moneylenders.

You can also help poor village farmers be self-sustained with timely aid. You can help them get credible help for both their livelihood as well as basic food needs. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


Access to food grains can help farmer families to live a life free of starvation and the clutches of debt

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