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Cloth for Work' is an award-winning initiative. It creates a barter between donated clothes from cities and labor and resources of rural communities. In the last year, Goonj has initiated over 3500 'Cloth for Work' activities in over 1700 villages without any monetary transactions.

The villagers work on infrastructure building, water, agriculture, and sanitation-related works as part of this program.

All the material collected from urban India comes to Goonj Processing centers across major cities of India for processing. The material is carefully sorted according to different criteria like age, gender, size, usability etc.

Care is taken to make sure that all material is in usable condition. They are assembled into family kits. These contain essentials for a family's needs like clothes, shoes, utensils, blankets, woolens etc. The kits are sent to different parts of the country for distribution among the communities. This is enabled by Goonj teams and partner organizations.

The program covers the cost of the processing centers and transportation of kits to the villages where there is a need.

Give now to help communities work together to bring sustainable solutions for their problems.

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About : Goonj

Goonj is an award-winning social enterprise working to build a bridge between the cities and villages. They focus on empowering the communities in far-flung villages to solve their own problems. For the last 19 years they have established a culture of mindful giving in urban India. They collect vast stocks of everyday necessities; from clothes to medicines, that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Every year Goonj processes thousands of tons of urban surplus material to run 3000+ development activities across rural India. With the clothes as motivation, people build bridges, dig wells, repair roads and other community building activities. These people don't get material as charity but earn it as a reward for their work.

The work that Goonj does brings attention to essential but often ignored needs of people. Millions of kilograms of donated cloth is turned into sanitary pads, Sujnis, and Aasans, giving livelihood to thousands of people.

Goonj is a mass movement connecting people in the cities and villages of India as equal stakeholders.

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Inspire rural communities come together to solve their issues and develop their villages

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