Help in providing a safe night shelter for street children by Salaam Baalak Trust- Mumbai

Help in providing a safe night shelter for street children

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A shelter that gives Bajrang a chance at education and a better life

Bajrang and his two older brothers are ragpickers. He has three siblings. All four of them along with their mother came from their village to Mumbai to earn a living. They live in the Saat Rasta area of Mumbai.

Bajrang, despite being a rag picker, pursued his education on his own. He enrolled himself in the Marwadi Vidyalaya Hindi Medium school and passed class IX with a distinguished 75% last year. He financed his education by doing small jobs and from his earnings as a ragpicker.

Bajrang understood that now, being in his final school year, he would need to focus a lot more on his studies. He wanted to study with no distractions and difficulties in having to earn his livelihood. He approached YMCA Mumbai Central looking for a safe place to stay where he need not work but could concentrate on his studies.

YMCA then guided him to the approached us for his admission to the Salaam Baalak Trust Night Shelter at Andheri.

Bajrang has adjusted very well to life at our Andheri shelter. He is a hardworking and disciplined boy, obedient and helpful. He does all the chores and tasks assigned to him. He also helps the younger boys with their studies. He has been enrolled in special coaching classes to help him score even better in his SSC.

He is so focused on his studies that he turns down opportunities to go on fun outings. He prefers to stay back and study. His ambition is to become a civil engineer or architect!

With the support he gets at Salaam Baalak Trust, he is sure to realize his dreams.

You can also help poor children like Bajrang get access to a safe and caring environment that helps them with a chance of a better future. You can give with confidence because every program listed is GIVEASSURED.


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Salam Balak Trust (SBT), Mumbai was founded in 1988 after the success of the film Salaam Bombay. The Andheri Centre is the most recently opened. The Centre has a day-care for boys and girls and a night shelter for boys.

Donations to this program will contribute to a fund which will cover the cost of operating expenses and the salary of the shelter home staff.

At the center, the children receive access to a host of programs and activities covering education, nutrition, medical and health care, life skills and counseling and extra-curricular activities.

The children are enrolled in schools and are helped with their studies at the Centre. They also receive a nutritious mid-day meal and evening snacks.

The boys in the night shelter have all their meals at the center including breakfast and dinner.

The center currently provides shelter at night to 30 street children.

When you donate to this program, you help poor homeless children get access to a safe place to stay for the night.

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About The NGO

Salaam Baalak Trust- Mumbai
Salaam Baalak Trust- Mumbai Logo
Salaam Baalak Trust- Mumbai

In the last twenty seven years Salaam Baalak Trust, Mumbai has helped thousands of children come off the streets and into a safe and nurturing environment. Today they provide an integrated safety net of services catering to the individual needs of street children in Mumbai, covering the entire realm of child development from physical and medical needs to encompassing the educational, creative, cognitive, social and vocational needs of the children.

The objective is to provide them every opportunity for holistic development so that they become responsible, contributing members of society. SBTM has three Day Care Centres located at Chowpatty, Andheri and Kalyan. Two of these Centres also provide Night Shelter and there is a Balwadi at the Chowpaty centre.

The Solapur Project for rehabilitation of Pardhi street children has been expanded to include a Day Care as well as a Night Shelter. There is also a Careers Project that gives direct training and subsequent employment opportunities to street children in partnership with the Business Community and other NGOs. Salaam Baalak Trust, Mumbai are also the collaborative organization with ChildLine for Thane city.

Salaam Baalak Trust was born in 1989 with a portion of the proceeds from the film Salaam Bombay! by Mira Nair. The Trust began its work with an aim to give street children choices and a chance to experience the joys of childhood.

Agnes Fernandes began as a Project Co-ordinator at Salaam Baalak Trust Mumbai after having spent almost 2 decades in the Corporate Sector with Proctor and Gamble. She moved to the position of educational Consultant so that she could work with all the projects at SBTM. She was Chowpatty Coordinator and that and other experience has put her in the perfect position to be the Programme Director.

education of street children in Mumbai and Thane district - 620

Small children (pre-schoolers) attending Balwadis in Chowpatty and our Contact Points in Sathe Nagar, Saibaba Nagar, Shanti Nagar and Kranti Nagar - 49

Children getting shelter in night shelters in Andheri, Borivali, Kalyan and Solapur - 229

Youth from Grades 8, 9, 10 & College taken for exposure visits to various organisations - 94

Rehabilitation of street children including drop outs from Solapur, through referrals to other institutions and/ or CWC or rehabilitation with their families - 6

Pardhi community children educated in schools in Solapur - 106

Youth helped for Vocational training, Job placements - 3

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Founded in 1991
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Zarin Gupta

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Area of Operation

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Salaam Baalak Trust- Mumbai has

provided quality education to 620 street children in Mumbai

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2014: Inspiring Ideal Men'16

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Last Audited
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December 2018

Program Updates

Program Updates

26 March, 2021

Safe and Happy despite Covid Times



At the Salaam Baalak Trust Andheri Shelter we have boys ranging from age 6-16. Currently we have 66 children at this Centre of which 62 are school going and 4 are in college. We provide Nutrition, Healthcare, Education and Recreational activities to our children to encourage their holistic development. Nutrition and Health The children receive all their meals at the Shelter and a special diet in case of special medical requirements.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year, our prime objective was to protect every child and ensure their safety by maintaining the guidelines provided by the UN. We conducted awareness sessions on Covid-19 for our children so that they could take the required precautions to keep themselves safe. We used the audio-visual medium to emphasize this message. The initial days required much planning to ensure adequate staff and supervision at the Shelter especially since travel was not freely permitted. Our centre has a visiting doctor who assesses the health issues of children residing at the centres and provides medical support as required. In emergency situations we also seek assistance from the government hospitals and from local physicians and organize periodic health check-ups.

Education Due to the pandemic children were not able to attend schools/ colleges. However we ensured that every child attended the online classes of their schools/ colleges. Tablets were arranged for the children so that they could attend their virtual classes under the supervision of our staff and teachers. This year two children passed the SSC examination and secured first class.

Counselling Support We have a visiting consultant through Art-Beat Therapy. He provides psychosocial support and deals with the children’s behavioural issues. This year he connected virtually. He conducted group therapy through Yoga- meditation, drawing, singing, dancing and motivational talks to children to keep their morale high.

Recreational Activities Rakshabandhan was celebrated with our staff tying Rakhi to the boys.
There was Flag hoisting and information sharing on Independence Day. Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated by making Ganapati idols with clay, making Modaks and drawing beautiful pictures of Ganapati. An online Rambo circus show was organized for the children in September. On Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s birthday an inspirational movie on his life was shown. Diwali and Children’s Day were also celebrated with an Essay competition, Diya, Kandil and Rangoli competitions, games and prizes. There was a picnic on Juhu beach and special lunch one day too!

5 July, 2020

Safety is of utmost importance


Safety is of utmost importance

2020-07-05-SalaamBaalakTrust-Mumbai_Helpinprovidingasafenightshelterforstreetchildren_1.jpg 2020-07-05-SalaamBaalakTrust-Mumbai_Helpinprovidingasafenightshelterforstreetchildren_2.jpg

This is a special year for Salaam Baalak Trust (SBT) being the 30th year of operation. We had a function to celebrate this on 26 February 2020. Past and present beneficiaries, staff, trustees, donors and other well wishers were invited to share this joy. The children of the different shelters and projects put up various items spanning songs, dances, recitation, yoga and martial arts. Alumni of SBT were felicitated for leading successful professional lives. Souvenirs/ Books were released to mark the event and also showcase the success stories.

With the threat of the Covid 19 pandemic looming large at the end of this quarter, our first priority was the safety of our children and staff. The Night shelters continue to provide a safe haven to the children. Schools being closed and movement prohibited the staff and and virtual volunteers have been keeping the children gainfully occupied, entertained and educated.

19 November, 2019

Children engaged in diverse activities


Children engaged in diverse activities

2019-11-11-mealtime-kashmeram.jpg 2019-11-11-studytime-kashmeram.jpg 2019-11-11-judocompetitionandtestingforadvancementtohigherlevels-kashmeram.jpg 2019-11-11-donorcelebratedabirthdaypartyatcentre-kashmeram.jpg 2019-11-11-dancepractice-kashmeram.jpg