Help a poor girl child get residential care

Help a poor girl child get residential care


Every monthly donation helps more girls like Sundari with safe shelter

ACCESS' foster homes provide shelter to girls from broken underprivileged homes. Sundari's mother passed away when she was a year old. Her father, a construction worker took her to unsafe construction sites to take care of her. This became a challenge as she grew older.

She was then enrolled in an ACCESS foster home. Sundari was admitted into a school run by ACCESS. She developed confidence and started to enjoy learning. With her educational, nutritional and emotional needs taken care of, she blossomed and excelled in singing, dancing, and craft.

Sundari is now in class XII and helps the Caretaker in running the home. She plans to become a teacher to help children like her. Give girls like Sundari the hope of a better life.

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This program is a small step by ACCESS to give girls from broken underprivileged homes a platform to seek equal opportunities. ACCESS carefully selects vulnerable girls in the age group of 9 to 16 years.and provides them with a safe environment which helps in the development of their personalities.

These girls are provided all the basic needs for their physical nourishment and are sent to good schools. Caretakers at the Centre monitor their growth and assist them in their emotional development. The girls participate in all the duties to make the place a joyful home to live in. They are engaged in activities that enable them to understand the needs of others too.

The goal is to enable the girls to have a life of dignity, growth, and development.Donate and help a girl child with a new lease on life

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About The NGO


ACCESS(Association for Community Care, Education, and Social Services) was founded to help children who are being exploited in the stone quarries of Bangalore as child labourers. At such a tender age, when they were supposed to be playing and learning, they were being oppressed; ACCESS took an initiative to rescue these innocent souls, providing them with education and health facilities.

It also takes care of the Social, Emotional, Physical, and Cognitive development of each child through a wide range of care options & prepares them to be productive adults. Various projects have been undertaken by ACCESS which includes Child Development Centers, Foster Care, Community Service, Play School and Women's Program. It takes care of women in a plethora of ways, from aiding and restoration of the women-in-crisis to providing them livelihood opportunities in its tailoring center.

ACCESS has provided daily nutritional supplements along with screening and preventive care to 700 children in the past one year. 836 children are still continuing with their schools and colleges. ACCESS continues to reshape the lives of these children and women, making them confident and future-ready.

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Founded in 1991
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Thomas Swaroop

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provided education to 854 underprivileged children

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Awards And Recognitions

2017: Tamilnadu State Award - Best Social Worker (Women's Welfare)

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December 2018

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Program Updates

Program Updates

28 February, 2018

Access children secure leadership positions in their schools


On November 14th, 2017, a Children’s day program for all the students in the program.

Between August 2017 and December 2017, their students actively participated in academic, and other social development activities. Leadership level orientation is given regularly to supplement their learning and help the children gain confidence.

The results of these programs are visible in the outstanding way the children took an active part in their respective schools’ Sports day, Cultural shows, Graduation, and Leadership development programs.

Six children have been selected for leadership positions in their classes with responsibilities like Monitors, Cultural heads, and Emcees.

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