Help a differently abled child get independent with therapy

Help a differently abled child get independent with therapy


Jerin can now walk thanks to someone like you!

Jerin is a 16-year-old boy from Kochi who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. His father is a daily wage worker and his mother is a housewife.

They barely had enough money to pay for their necessities. They had absolutely nothing to help Jerin with. The family was distraught over his condition as they thought that it would be the end of the road for him.

He was found by Adarsh Charitable Trust and they took him under their care. He was unable to walk and could barely move any of his muscles. To correct this, he was given orthopedic surgeries followed by regular physiotherapy. He slowly began to gain control over his physical functions.

Jerin has been under the care of Adarsh Charitable Trust for the past 12 years and his health has seen great improvements. Over time, he was even able to start walking with the help of a stick! What seemed like an impossible dream to Jerin and his family is now a reality.

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Adarsh is a rehabilitation center for children with physical and mental disabilities in the state of Kerala. The major activities of the foundation are physiotherapy and special education. These are implemented by trained physiotherapists and special educators. There are also assistant teachers and supporting staff to help the children.

Children with disabilities are identified through thorough evaluation and assessment using various tools. Children below 3 years need the only physiotherapy while those above 3 years need both physiotherapy and special education. These services play an instrumental role in the child's improvement. But supporting these activities and staff are a matter of huge concern for the foundation as half of the students fall below the poverty line and cannot afford these services.

Donations made to this program support the cost monthly tuition, physiotherapy fees, and administration cost.

A donation helps bring a tremendous change in the lives of these little ones.

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About The NGO

Adarsh Charitable Trust
Adarsh Charitable Trust Logo
Adarsh Charitable Trust

With a mission to provide rehabilitation measures, Adarsh Foundation was started in the year 1998 in Kerala and is currently under the chairmanship of Shri. K P Padmakumar. Its dedication to its mission helped identify hundreds of children with disabilities from their birth.

The foundation has 3 centers with 15 physiotherapists and 18 special educators. Apart from that, it caters to about 55% children who are below 3 years and fall below the poverty line. Adarsh foundation has a full-time staff, special educators, and physiotherapists who work with equal dedication in taking the foundation closer to its mission day by day.

It has gone beyond in reaching out to those who need their support and help.

Till date, with the support from the foundation, more than 200 children have been able to sculpt their way into the mainstream. Adarsh foundation has a staunch belief that rehabilitation is possible and disability can be specifically identified and treated with appropriate therapy and training. This makes it an institute of excellence in the rehabilitation of children with challenges.

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Area of Operation
Area of Operation

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Adarsh Charitable Trust has

rehabilitated 254 children with serious intellectual disabilities

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Program Updates

Program Updates

30 October, 2018

Adarsh Charitable Trust's Update


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Program Update

The man objective is to help a challenged child to get independent therapy and training. Here the main programmes are physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, psychotherapy and special Education. Majority of the children are affected with Cerebral Palsy and they need Physiotherapy and Speech therapy. Rest of the children will come under the umbrella of problems like Autism, Down syndrome and Multiple Disability. These children mainly need Special education and therapies like Occupational therapy, Psycho and speech therapy. Each therapy programme is finalized based on the evaluation and subsequent diagnosis children are segregated based on their functional abilities and each child has a time table set for her/his therapy programmes. All these therapy programmes are implemented with the help of trained, experienced and qualified professionals.

Story from the field

Kevin Shaji is a child with Cerebral Palsy with associated mental retardation. He is a child with multiple disabilities. He has features of Autism. Kevin Shaji joined Adarsh in 2016. At the time of admission, a detailed evaluation was taken which revealed his major issues like communication issues, socialization problem and he had some behavioural issues. Along with these problems he also had balance issues while walking. His main therapy and training programmes were Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Special Education, Psychotherapy and Physiotherapy. During these 2 years of regular intensive training in Adarsh, Kevin has now showed marked changes in all areas including communication, socialization etc. There is a considerable decrease in his behavioral issues. With Physiotherapy, his balance is very much improved that he is now able to walk with minimal support and even he started climbing steps with slight support. With Special Education he has achieved toilet schedules which was irregular earlier. He has shown improvement in all other Activities of Daily Living mainly feeding. Occupational therapy helped him to improve his fine motor skills that he is able to hold small objects like ball. Kevin Shaji is a from a poor family background. This support helps to continue his training in Adarsh.

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