Gift sight with a cataract surgery by Blind Peoples Association, India

Gift sight with a cataract surgery


Every monthly donation helps more patients like Jamnaben with surgery

Hailing from Ahmedabad, Jamnaben stays with her huge extended family. However, when she suffered an injury that left her with a cataract in an eye, Jamnaben felt so embarrassed, that she refused to go out in public or even see family members.

She was referred to BPA, where she was diagnosed with Cataract and recommended for surgery. She was able to get a cataract operation just in time. She was provided with free surgery, stay, food and post-operative treatment.

Having completely recovered, Jamnaben now feels comfortable around her family and looks forward to becoming a bigger part of society with her renewed vision. You can help BPA in their quest to restore vision and confidence to many more like her.


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Cataracts are often related to the aging process, but they are also occasionally found in younger people. It is completely treatable but if untreated, the person becomes totally blind. But due to poverty, many senior citizens live with blindness.

The Navalbhai and Hiraba Eye Hospital set up by the BPA, in collaboration with the Bareja General Hospital Trust provides comprehensive eye care services to people with eye problems, in several villages around Bareja. The program conducts free eye camps and surgeries for poor patients suffering from cataracts. Patients are provided with consultation, surgery, accommodation, spectacles, medicine, transportation, and follow-up treatment.

Donations made to this program support the cost of surgery, sutures, lens, and administrative expenses.

Close to 3 lakh patients are served annually by the Blind People's Association. By supporting this program you can help poor senior citizens get free cataract surgery and reclaim their life.

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About The NGO

Blind Peoples Association, India
Blind Peoples Association, India Logo
Blind Peoples Association, India

BPA started as a recreational club for visually impaired people but now serves people with all kinds of disabilities, including visual impairment, hearing impairment, mental retardation, orthopedic impairment, mental illness, multiple disabilities etc.

BPA - ONE WINDOW SERVICE FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, is a professional organization that strives to provide education, employment opportunities, equal rights and a good quality of life to differently-abled people. The Employment and Placement services is a step towards providing employment as well as self-employment opportunities for people with disabilities so that they can be made financially independent and self-sufficient. They also work towards production and free distribution of assistive devices like crutches, calipers, wheelchairs, mobility devices etc.

During the last five years, BPA has been successful in providing employment to as many as 1500 people, who are presently employed in public as well as private sectors, and are capable of handling important assignments in banks, railways, hospitals, restaurants, etc. The organization works relentlessly to provide these people with regular jobs so that they can be accepted in mainstream society without any discrimination. Having received the National Award and FICCI Award, BPA is recognized as a nodal agency.

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Founded in 1991
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Dr. Bhushan Punani

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Awards And Recognitions

2014: Crusade against Female Foeticide

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December 2018

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Program Updates

23 March, 2021

Save Sight of Poor & Needy People



We carry out survey in the villages around selected area to find out how many people have eye problems. The steps in this regard will be the following:

• Appointment of BPA staff members to do survey • Identification of villages in consultation with officials of Donor • Conducting eye check‐up camps with the help of a team of doctors • Dispensing medicines on the spot • Refractive check up • Identification of persons with mature cataract

Our field staff will visit the villages and conduct awareness programmes regarding cataract disease and cataract surgery through pamphlets, handouts and announcements through rickshaw and public transport. There will be eye camps at specific time in a specific village and people will be encourage to come to the screening camp.Persons who are very poor and needy and who have mature cataract will be transported from their villages to the Navalbhai and Hiraba Bareja Eye Hospital where they will be given the best quality treatment totally free of cost. One family member will also be allowed to accompany each patient.

• Intensive Eye Check Up and Surgery: All the mature cataract patients will be then intensively checked up for other complications like retinal problems, glaucoma, blood pressure, diabetes, hear abnormalities etc. If they are declared fit for surgery, they will be given pre surgical medicine and treatment and then taken for surgery. They will be kept in the hospital for two days in total. All meals and all other costs at this time along with surgical costs are totally free for patient. All these costs are included in the Rs. 2500/‐ that we are requesting from Donor per patient. After the surgery, the patient will be checked for post-surgical outcome and eye sight. The patient will be given eye drops for the entire month after surgery along with other medicines. They will be given detail instructions on post-surgical care like bathing, washing the face, hair etc.

After 15 days, the mobile team will visit the village and see all the patients again in a pre‐arranged area and dispense spectacles and other medicines.

5 July, 2020

Gift sight, gift hope !


Gift sight, gift hope !

2020-07-05-BlindPeoplesAssociation,India_Giftsightwithacataractsurgery_1.JPG 2020-07-05-BlindPeoplesAssociation,India_Giftsightwithacataractsurgery_2.JPG

With the help of your support we are able to performed around 105 free cataract surgeries to poor and needy patients of surrounding area of Ahmedabad as well as Sabarkantha District.

19 November, 2019

Care and support being provided


Care and support being provided

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22 July, 2019


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Program Update

Blind People's Association runs an eye hospital near Bareja. This Hospital is located 25 kilometres away from Ahmedabad towards Kheda and specifically situated at Bareja Village besides NH-8 and providing comprehensive eye care services to the persons with eye problems in more than 500 villages around Bareja. The target population in these 300 Villages are more than 3,00,000. Every day more than 500 patients from these villages come to the hospital for availing its services. The hospital is having eye, E.N.T, orthopaedic, general, physiotherapy unit and pathology laboratory in its name. We are providing all types of eye related treatment to poor and needy patients. We are providing all treatment free of charge to poor and needy patients with the help of donors.

Story from the field

Life starts again for Naubhai Thank you for gifting a cataract surgery to Naubhai. Nanubhai of village Nandej, District Ahmedabad is having two sons and two daughter and all of his sons and daughters are married and staying separately. Nanubhai is staying with his wife in a small thatched housed. Previously Nanubhai was use to going to the food colour factory as a technical worker in this way he earns livelihood for family, but because of his vision problem he was out of his job since last 7 years and dependent on his wife for his daily living and for his day to day need also. He was hopeless for his life and was quite depressed. One of his friends suggested Navalbhai & Hiraba Eye Hospital name run by Blind People’s Association. When he came to know about the hospital from the village ASHA worker he came of the surgery with her and after undergone surgery. We are providing pathology services along with medicine, two days stay, boarding -lodging and spectacles. We are also providing follow up services of operated patients in our hospital. Nanubhai is very happy that he can start his life all tighter again with a great hope. Nanubhai is thankful to donor for restoring his eye sight.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19? 500
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date 400
Village/City/State where project is located All over Gujarat
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19 900000
Total Expenses for the project YTD 720000