Gift sight by sponsoring a cataract surgery



Gift sight by sponsoring a cataract surgery


Every monthly donation provides more patients like Rajmati with surgery

Seventy-year-old Rajmati was dependent on her sons for sustenance. Her age-related issues didn't allow her to work for a living. Things became worse when she developed loss of vision due to cataracts.

Her sons didn't earn enough to pay for her surgery. As Rajmati decided to resign to her fate, they came across the free of cost surgery camp organized by Daudnagar Organization for Rural Development.

Today, after a successful surgery Rajmati has her vision restored. She has regained her confidence and does her personal chores with hardly any assistance from family members. It is like a new life for her.


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Cataracts are often related to the ageing process and found in older people, but they are also occasionally found in younger people. It is completely treatable but if left untreated, the person becomes totally blind. But due to poverty, many senior citizens live with blindness.

Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development (DORD) runs an eye hospital at Daudnagar in the Aurangabad district of Bihar. DORD organizes free camps for senior citizens who are below poverty line where they are screened for free cataract surgeries. Patients are provided with consultation, surgery, accommodation, spectacles, medicine, transportation, and follow-up treatment

By donating to this program you will help poor senior citizenes get free cataract surgery and reclaim their life.

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About The NGO

Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development
Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development Logo
Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development

DORD(Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development) is an NGO that works for the upliftment of the poor and marginalized sections of the society, empowerment of women in both urban and rural areas and eradicates poverty, diseases, malnutrition, patriarchal violence, and exclusion. It strives towards its vision of the empowerment of the society through knowledge and action.

There are various projects running under DORD which includes DORD Hospital, schools, free of cost cataract surgeries for poor and old people, children open shelter, women empowerment and many more. The DORD hospital has expanded its reach far to the southern parts of Bihar with no eye care services. It has performed around 8000+ surgeries in the year 2011-12 of which 79% have been free of cost.

The principal beneficiaries of the Anganwadi Training Centre are adolescent girls, all children below 6 years of age, pregnant and lactating mothers.

Under the women empowerment scheme, it dreams to create an environment free from gender bias where everyone has equal rights and opportunities to grow. 123 malnourished children have been rehabilitated, and 421 children have taken up modern education in the past one year. The statistics of the development and the growth caused by the organization has been splendid.

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Founded in 1991
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M. M. Raja

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Area of Operation
Area of Operation

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Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development has

provided free cataract surgery to 5031 poor senior citizens

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