Gift a scholarship to girl child in Mumbai by MESCO Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization

Gift a scholarship to girl child in Mumbai


Nazma dreams to break the cycle of poverty in her family

Shaikh Nazma Maqsood is a 12-year-old girl child from a low socio-economic background and stays in the chawls of Mahim. She is living with her grandparents, parents and three siblings. She is presently in Std. VI in K.G Khilnani High School. Her father works at a flower shop and earns a nominal living. Nazma's mother is a house wife. Her grandfather is bed ridden due to paralysis. The family lives in a rented house and there are three more students in her family. It became extremely difficult for Nazma's father to support their education and MESCO came to their rescue. Nazma is focusing on her studies now and plans to have a successful career and one day break the cycle of poverty in her family.

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Educational Aid is a Scholarship programme to support deprived students. Assistance is provided to the students by providing a part of their educational cost per year until they acquire their first degree, right from Nursery to Graduation. The statistics over the last five decades depict lower rate of dropout under the scheme and students are determined to achieve their goal.

Students are selected through a draw of lots. Forms are issued to the selected student to acquire their academic and financial detail. Payments are made directly into their account. Every year students have to submit their results as soon as it is declared to renew their scholarships. This process assists them to ascertain the progress which further curtails the dropout ratio.

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About The NGO

MESCO Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization
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MESCO Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization

Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization (MESCO) was initiated by a group of students who started distributing notebooks to the poor students. Their major source of funds was from the collection of old newspapers donated by the well-wishers. Gradually they expanded their activities to providing uniforms and other requirements to the deserving students.

As the funds increased, cases requiring medical assistance and relief were also included as additional activities. Now with a workforce of 70, the members of the organization have provided educational aid and scholarships to 3,455 students, food support to 367 families living in slum areas, medicines, cost of diagnostic tests, major and minor surgeries and support for dialysis to 240 patients and sewing machines to 115 women to supplement their income.

With a vision to help the underprivileged and marginalized to live a better tomorrow through various interventions, the members of the organization have striven to improve the quality of life of the financially disadvantaged by promoting meaningful education and health.

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Founded in 1991
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Athar Qureshi

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Area of Operation

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Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2016: Innovation for India Awards

2017: FICCI-FLO Women Achiever

2017: MatrShakti Sammeland v Samman Smaroh

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Last Audited
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December 2018

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Program Updates

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