Gift a scholarship to a meritorious girl student by Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan Pune

Gift a scholarship to a meritorious girl student


Gayatri can continue to chase her dreams thanks to a donor like you!

Gayatri is from a poor family in Pune. Her father is a small-time distributor at a local confectionary. He struggles to make ends meet for the family every month.

Whatever he earns is barely enough to bring food to the family every day. Their situation is tougher as Gayatri’s mother suffers from cancer and a chunk of the money they earn goes towards her treatment.

They recognized her intelligence and will to study and her unfortunate financial situation. They awarded her a scholarship of Rs. 12,600 which helped her complete her course. Gayatri is now successfully completing her Masters and even volunteers for some of the programs at BNP.

It takes just a little to save the education of young girls like Gayatri. You can make that change by donating to BNP. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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Bhagini Nivedita Prathishthan (BNP)runs a scholarship program for underprivileged girls. BNP provides an opportunity to deserving girls on the basis of sheer merit. Financial aid is given via scholarships.They publicize about their scholarship program in underprivileged communities by word of mouth and local advertisements.

The BNP special committee screens the applications by verifying income levels, family background and academic performance of the candidate. After shortlisting the candidates, the panel interviews them and then releases the final list of selected girl students.

The progress of the beneficiaries is mapped and real impact in their lives is quantified and sent to donors.

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About The NGO

Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan Pune
Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan Pune Logo
Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan Pune

Bhagini Niveditha Pratisthan (BNP) prides itself on being an organization for women, by women, of women. BBNP works towards helping women to identify and tackle problems in their communities, in a way that comes to naturally to their instincts as members of their communities. They are trained to not only support their families but also become self-reliant.

Bhagini Niveditha Pratisthan has transformed around 2600 Lives through computer training and skill development activities. The organization's Abhyasika project focuses on helping the children in such underprivileged communities by strengthening adding to their skill sets through various activities like language games, mathematical puzzles, field trips, hobby workshops and science experiments.

BNP also runs homeopathic dispensaries at Pune and Dighi and conducts free medical checkups. So far the organization had provided free homeopathic treatment to 3500 patients.

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Founded in 1991
NGO Leadership

Sulaba Deuskar

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Area of Operation

Girl Child | education

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Location of Work


Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan Pune has

provided scholarships to 57 meritorious underprivileged women

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2016: Bharati Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya Jivan Sadhana Gaurav Award 2017

2015: Manovikas Puraskar

2016: ABP News Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Awards- 2015


2013: Central Leprosy Division, Govt. of India, New Delhi

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Last Audited
Last Audited by GiveIndia

December 2018

Verification Visit Reports
Verification Visit Reports

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Program Updates

Program Updates

5 July, 2020

Token of appreciation for the generosity


Token of appreciation for the generosity

2020-07-05-BhaginiNiveditaPratishthanPune_Giftascholarshiptoameritoriousgirlstudent_1.jpg 2020-07-05-BhaginiNiveditaPratishthanPune_Giftascholarshiptoameritoriousgirlstudent_2.jpg

The total number of beneficiaries in the program is more than 60. In the period from October 2019 to March 2020, we have given scholarships to 15 students through GiveIndia. In the month of October 2019, BNP organised a free workshop on "Career guidance and employability skills" for all the students who had applied for the scholarship. The session was a huge success. It helped the students and benefitted them immensely. Some of the key points addressed through this workshop was future goals, diverse career options and job oppurtunities in various fields, the soft skills and life-skills. The session proved to be very useful to the students and was much needed as it provided them with clarity of thought, gave them a space to ask questions and express their doubts and concerns.

19 November, 2019

Girls engaged in learning sessions


Girls engaged in learning sessions

2019-11-11-archanawalake-punebnp.jpg 2019-11-11-4c26da4c-22e9-4575-a0f7-ad8bb4ff1858-punebnp.jpg 2019-11-11-82ae3332-0f0c-49e2-9364-390ee4f14703-punebnp.jpg 2019-11-11-24131e40-3c33-4953-a657-39465384b5e0-punebnp.jpg 2019-11-11-f53f0369-48ed-4b7d-817b-e2b58c477db41-punebnp.jpg

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