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School fees was not enough for Saraswati to get an education.

Saraswati is a young girl from a fishing community in Andhra Pradesh. Her parents hardly earn any money and struggle to even meet their daily needs. They get through life on the little they make each day.

They wanted Saraswati to have a better life than them and knew that she needed an education for this. With a lot of struggle, they kept aside some money to pay her school fees. But they soon realized that tuition fees alone was not enough to keep her in school.

Saraswati is an intelligent girl who enjoys learning. But there were various other costs of schooling such as supplies, uniforms, and footwear which her parents could not afford in any way. So with a heavy heart they decided to stop her education.

When the NGO Asha Kiran found out about her, they reached out to the family. They counselled Saraswati's parents and helped them realize how important it was to continue her schooling. They assured her parents that they would look after the extra expenses.

With the help of donations, Asha Kiran gave Saraswati two sets of uniforms, notebooks and footwear. Something so simple took a huge burden off her parents and they could afford to send her to school.


Schooling comes with a lot of costs apart from tuition that poor families cannot afford. Helping them with simple costs eases their burden and motivates them to send their children to school.

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