Fund a youth get trained in a skill by SAHYOG - Care For You

Fund a youth get trained in a skill


Your donation can help a school drop out earn a living

Mamta is a 25-year-old, who lives in Delhi with her father. He works as a tailor to provide for his family. Mamta had to discontinue her studies due to her family's poor financial condition.

Her father sought help from SAHYOG's team during one of their field visits. They then counseled Mamta and encouraged her to learn livelihood skills. She then took admission in a boutique course in one of SAHYOG's Vocational Training Center in Mangolpuri. The course trained her to stitch various styles and designs. Being a quick learner, she learnt everything within few months and now works in a boutique in South Delhi. She is not only supporting her family financially but is also planning to start her own shop.

Your donation can support a livelihood skill of an uneducated youth in rural India. **You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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The aim of this project is to provide training to youth who have dropped out of school. They cater to the age group between 15-25 years. Girls and boys who are uneducated are selected and enrolled in SAHYOG's vocational training programs - tailoring, cooking, beautician, computer & English speaking skills.

The training sessions are held by various trainers who have the relevant skills. Some of the courses are six months long and some are three months. Consecutive batches are held in a day. Constant evaluation process is in place to track the progress of the students.

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About The NGO

SAHYOG - Care For You
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SAHYOG - Care For You

Sahyog is a committed NGO working towards the empowerment of slum dwellers. It was started in 2002 with the vision to bring smiles in the lives of underprivileged people. The word "Sahyog" beckons cooperation; to walk in cooperation with each other is what Sahyog is all about. Sahyog gives its Sahyog in providing quality education to slum children with an aim to facilitate their all round development and finally to mainstream these children into government schools.

Sahyog is all about working in synergy with all the stakeholders of our community. Shekhar, the founder of Sahyog, happened to chance upon two small children working in a tea shop instead of attending school. This motivated him and a group of people sharing his dream to help children, start Sahyog.

The programme began with five students which has now risen to 1850 students in 21 centres and 750 women in Adult literacy centers in Sultanpuri, Mangolpuri, Shakti Nagar, Nihal Vihar, Burari, Moti Nagar, Bawana, Budh Vihar, Gulabi Bagh, R.P Bagh. Delhi and NCR.

Students are provided adequate infrastructure and regular support from teachers to prevent their dropout rate from school. The organisation is also flexible about supporting various other campaigns such as organising health camps, supporting the cause of women, destitute old people and so on. Till date, the organisation has been running with the help of cooperation extended by their team members, friends and relatives.

Due to the happiness and response that they received from the beneficiaries, they long to spread our arms to reach out to more people. They need help in their mission to reach out to a minimum of 5000 underprivileged students within next two years. Every Sahyog you make will bring smiles to thousand.

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Founded in 1991
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Shekhar Mahajan

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Livelihoods | education

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Program Updates

28 November, 2021

Fund a youth get trained in a skill



SAHYOG CARE’ provides vocational training in its various centres across Delhi. Analyzing the market demands, we provide a variety of courses like Basic & Advance computer courses and hardware & software also, Business Processing Unit (B.P.O.), Retail Management, Beauty-preneur and Stitching-preneur, Digital Literacy, Data Entry, Tally, Electrician. We train them in the fields which interest and suit them. one of our students open his new shop and running successfully.

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Sahyog care faced a challenge like Covid 19 Lockdown, after a few days sahyog started online classes so that students should not drop out and they should not miss their studies. sahyog care next goal is to conduct motivational classes and sanitation rules for the benefit of the student so that they can be competent enough to face the challenges in life, keep them safe as well as interviews for getting a good job.

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One of our students his name is Mohit was interested in the course on beauty culture from the beginning, It was very difficult for us to have the boys along with the girls. so Sahyog Care arranged a separate class for Mohit so that he can complete his course after finished his course diligently, now he is running his own shop named Mohit Makeover Beauty Club, now he earns 15000 to 20000 rupees.

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23 March, 2021




We implement projects relevant for employment & income-generation, and as of 30.12.20 have covered a total of 17190 .
Vocational training and placement for young adults - Short-duration industry-relevant skills training and placement programs for Class 12 passed underprivileged youth are delivered from Sahyog in urban slum communities . 17190 youth have been enrolled in Vocational Programs like Computer basic ,Advance , Beauty culture, Tailoring and BPO AND Retail management, over 70% of those completing the programs have been employed or self occupied.
In the context of the changing work environment created by the Corona pandemic, this program has been pivoted to create the SMART Online Job readiness program, which is delivered through a blended methodology combining facilitated learning, and one-on-one mentoring with on-line delivery.

     Women Entrepreneurs Program – Works with middle-aged women keen on income generation to provide training in Enterprise Management, Trade-specific Skills and Life Skills, to set up and successfully run enterprises. The women-owned enterprises are provided support till they become self-sustainable. The program has trained 714 women in low income communities to develop technical and business skills to become productive earners, support their families and earn self-respect as well as respect of the families and the community. Currently operating enterprises work in areas like manufacture and sales of Sanitary napkins, Masks, and Packed Meals. 

Corona Relief and Restoration and Build-back Programs - In the wake of the Corona Crisis, we worked with 83 families to help them earn and support themselves with dignity through our Livelihood Restoration project. 125,000 hygienic 3-layered cotton masks produced by them were distributed to people in vulnerable communities, as well as to the Corona Warriors in hospitals, schools and the police. In addition, we also provided relief through ration and sanitation material to 7300 families.

Currently, we work in and around 6 communities in Delhi .