Fund a balwadi teacher s salary for a needy child s education by Community Outreach Programme (CORP)

Fund a balwadi teacher's salary for a needy child's education


Your donation can provide a poor child better care and education in his childhood

3-year-old Tejal is the youngest among her three siblings. She lives with her mother, siblings and an alcoholic father. Her father used to spend most of his earnings on alcohol instead of taking care of his family. Her mother works as a domestic help to support the family and raise her children. In an unfortunate incident, Tejal's father fell off the building and died. This made it even more difficult for Tejal's mother to take care of her family with her meager income, with no one else to support them. As a result, children led a life of neglect and malnourished.

When Tejal's mother heard about CORP, she approached their centre for help. After knowing her condition, the staff there admitted all the three children. This enabled Tejal's mother to confidently leave her children in CORP's safe environment go for her work. Tejal was only 1.5 years old and severely malnourished when she joined the centre. Tejal along with her siblings received love, care and nourishment at CORP. She and her siblings also received education under this program. Tejal was also given good medical care from the doctors who regularly visit the centre. She is now a happy, healthy child.

Your donation will be utilized to pay off the salaries of the caretakers/teachers at CORP's centre. You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.


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Members of CORP believe that the first few years of a child's life are vital for his/her growth. Staff members of CORP provide parents with a ray of hope for their children's future through their creche and preschool programs, which are located in some of the most poverty-stricken areas of Mumbai. This also opens doors to a lifetime of learning for them, which in turn leads to greater development, opportunity and employment prospects. Early childhood education presents a unique opportunity to help break the cycle of poverty, which is often passed down through generations owing to limited schooling opportunities.

1,400 young children (within the age group of 5 months to 8 years) of working mothers are currently enrolled in the 20 day centres, where they are provided with a foundational education which prepares these kids for their formal schooling. These children are provided with nutritious meals, access to basic healthcare, and are taught about cleanliness and hygiene. Most importantly, they are provided a safe and caring environment during the day, thereby allowing their parents to go to work to support the family.

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About The NGO

Community Outreach Programme (CORP)
Community Outreach Programme (CORP) Logo
Community Outreach Programme (CORP)

CORP founded in 1977, now has completed 40 years. From a two teacher, 40 children initiative they have grown to become a 100 staff initiative that supports a million children and women.

They work for the holistic development of women and children. They have 20 centers in 14 different slums. Thousands of women and children from Mumbai's slum communities are benefited by atleast one of CORP's programs.

They have various programs like creches and daycare centers, shelter homes, vocational training, services for the differently-abled, counselling centers, health awareness, pregnancy clubs and senior citizen programs, dedicated to the eradication of poverty.

Over 1,300 kids under the age of five are assisted by creche and day care alone and 85 additional children are supported through residential shelter homes.

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Founded in 1991
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Nirmal Chandappa

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Community Outreach Programme (CORP) has

provided quality care to 1200 undprivileged children across all its day care centres

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December 2018

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Program Updates

This program is making a difference because of contributions from donors like you. You will be able to follow the progress of the program and the many ways it is changing lives right here.

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