Fulfill little desires of underprivileged children

by Bhumi

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Chandra's simple dream was fulfilled because of someone like you!

Chandra is a poor young girl from Chennai who lives in an orphanage. The orphanage could not afford much for the children they sheltered and only looked after their basic necessities. Although she didn't have much, Chandra never asked for anything more as she was aware of the tough reality of her situation.

Just like Chandra, all the children at the home knew that their wishes had to be limited. They did not even think of things apart from food, a few clothes, and a safe place to learn and stay. They were all grateful for what they were given and had a mature understanding about their lives.

The organization Bhumi decided to surprise these children with a change in routine. They gave each child from the orphanage a card to scribble a secret wish on. Chandra wrote that she wanted a new school bag.

Bhumi collected these cards and bought gifts for each of these children. A simple bag lit up Chandra's face as she'd never gotten a gift before. She now carries her books proudly in it and thinks of it as one of her most precious possessions.


Orphanages can often only provide basic necessities to their children. Your help can give these children small gifts that mean the world to them.

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