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Kabilan lost his eyesight but not his will to thrive!

Kabilan was born with bad eyesight. He is from a poor family and his parents did not have the knowledge or resources to get him treatment.

For a large part of his childhood, his parents tried a variety of treatments they heard of. They even tried phototherapy without the supervision of a qualified doctor. This caused him severe nerve damage in both eyes. Several such ill-advised solutions made his condition worse and Kabilan’s family was feeling guilty and hopeless.

When he joined Indian Association for the Blind in class 4, his life changed. They taught him how to function without his eyesight. He learnt Braille and several life skills that improved his quality of life. He began to enjoy learning with his new tools. He was even able to pick up activities such as yoga and karate.

The positive impact IAB had on him made him believe that he could do whatever he wanted to. He has a special interest in computer classes and anything related to technology. He aims to be a Computer Science teacher when he grows up.


Children with poor eyesight need the right resources to learn to live independently. Poor families cannot afford this and their children’s lives become meaningless. You can change this for them.

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