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Senior citizens like Ansabai shouldn’t have to worry about their necessities.

Ansabai is a 82-year-old widow from Morphali village in Dharur. Despite her age, she works as a farm labourer to support herself.

She has health problems which do not allow her to work regularly and she is not able to earn nearly enough money to have two meals a day. Her son moved to a city for work and does not keep in touch with her anymore. She has no one else to look after her or provide for her.

Ansabai felt completely helpless and began to beg on the streets. She still went to bed hungry on most days. Over time her health worsened and she could no longer work or earn.

Ansabai’s life changed when she was added to the Manavlok kitchen program. They began to provide her with two fresh meals a day. Her health started improving with this regular supply of nutrition.

She got back to working on the farm, and no longer worries if she is unwell and cannot work on some days. Manavlok’s community kitchen has given Ansaibai the security she deserves after a lifetime of providing for her family and herself.

Every senior citizen should be able to have at least two meals a day. Give now to help a poor senior citizen like Ansabai stop worrying about basic necessities. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED


Our elderly deserve a peaceful life after years of struggle. You can give an underprivileged senior citizen two meals a day.

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