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Nafiza left an abusive home to create a better life for her daughter.

Nafiza married a man whom she loved thinking that she would have a good life ahead. She had no idea how things would turn out.

Very soon, her husband turned abusive. His behaviour did not change even after they had a daughter. He continued to harm Nafiza, and now hurt their daughter too.

He wanted money and did not care how he got it. He convinced Nafiza to be a surrogate mother to childless couples to earn money. He spent all the money on his bad habits and gave nothing to support Nafisa and their daughter.

He forced her to become a surrogate three times. He abused her even during the pregnancies. When he forced her to do it again for the fourth time, she became frightened. She was in poor health and did not want to get pregnant again.

She approached Apnalaya for help. They explained to her what she had to do to get out of the painful situation she was in. They gave her the courage to speak to her husband and bring him along for counselling. The center tried to counsel her husband but their efforts were in vain. He continued to abuse her.

Apnalaya knew that Nafiza needed the support of someone she could trust to keep moving forward. So they encouraged her to tell her brother about the situation.

After Apnalaya spoke to Nafiza’s brother, he convinced her to leave her abusive husband, taking her daughter with her. When she did so, her husband became angry and tried to threaten her at first. When Apnalaya warned him with legal action, he left her alone.

Nafiza is now staying with her brother’s family. She found a job and is able to provide for herself and her daughter. She leads a simple life with dignity and is hopeful for a better future for her daughter.

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Counselling helps women get back on their feet after suffering abuse. Your help can make counselling accessible for poor women.

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