Educate underprivileged rural children

Educate underprivileged rural children


Every monthly donation helps educate more kids like Pooja

Kumari Pooja, 11 belongs to a poor underprivileged family in Mathura, UP. They could not afford educational expenses and hence working as a child laborer.

She was shortlisted through a survey and was motivated to join the B.D. P school with the assurance of free education. She was also provided with school bags and sweater. She is also being taught tailoring and other vocational skills which will help her as she grows. Pooja is now a very happy student. She is in Grade 7 and good at studies and enjoys learning.

She also looks forward to pursuing higher education. Kids deprived of education can get access to a school with a little support from donors like you.

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Psycho-Educational Society (PES) established the B.D.Paliwal school in the year 2000 in the interiors of Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh.

The school offers primary education programs starting from lower kindergarten to 8th grade for boys and girls belonging to less privileged sections of the village of Barauli and it's neighborhood. They just enroll in another wing of the school for further education. Close to 500 students have successfully graduated from the school. In addition to imparting education in the formal mode, the school conducts skill development programs for girls

This program seeks donations to cover the costs of the teachers who teach the underprivileged children and help them work towards a better life. When you choose to donate to this program, you will support two children with their education in the school.

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About The NGO

Psycho Educational Society
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Psycho Educational Society

Psycho-Educational Society (PES) is an NGO with the prime objectives of uplifting the less privileged children in rural areas by providing basic education and creating awareness among the illiterate women on family welfare, health education and personal hygiene.

Eminent Psychologist and educationist Dr. T.R. Paliwal started the society after his retirement to work for the poor, underprivileged downtrodden section of society in rural areas to impart education, health, and overall development. The Secretary K.M. Paliwal has a clear mission to uplift the Rural Underprivileged section of the society by running formal educational programs and vocational training. PES established the B.D.Paliwal school in the year 2000 in the interiors of Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh.

Close to 500 students have successfully completed 8th grade. In addition to imparting education in the formal mode, the school conducts skill development programs for girls and village women in tailoring, embroidery, knitting, and agriculture. Over a 100 rural women have benefited from these programs.

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Founded in 1991
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K. M. Paliwal

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Area of Operation
Area of Operation

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Program Updates

30 October, 2018

Psycho Educational Society's Update


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Program Update

PES is committed to give formal and informal education to rural population and bring them at par with urban standards. Value added Formal and informal education is imparted in BDP School, Barauli, Block Baldeo, Distt. Mathura, UP, which is managed by Psycho Educational Society, to rural less privilege children from class Nursery to VIII Standard, following the educational curriculum prescribed by UP Board of Education along with vocational training for money generating skills. Sanitation and Health Awareness Camps are organised for parents of children and regular Medical Checkup for students. To meet the under nourishment of children mid-morning meal is served. This makes them motivated to come to school and keep the children physically and mentall healthy.

Story from the field

Bhumika and many other girls who lives in village Barauli, Block Baldeo, Distt. Mathura, UP and their childhood was spent in a housechores, caring for her younger siblings. Her father Bhima is a daily wage earner and at times takes her along with him to fields to earn extra money. PES invited Bhumika for education in BDP School alongwith other girls of her age like Saloni, Jyoti, Chitresh, Divya etc. Bhumika getting value added education from last 4 years, instead of working in fields as child labour and saved from other abuses which are common with village children. At present she is in class VI and is doing extremely well in studies and in other vocational training programs like tailoring, stitching and handicrafts. She is good in music and takes parts in inter school debating programs. She is a good orator. She has the plans to acquire higher education with teaching diploma to become a teacher in her present school itself to teach all other girls from rural less privilege community whose parent's priority is not education but to send them in fields to earn money to supplement for their families. She is of the high opinion that by getting value added education such girls can earn more money after using their skills and training given in BDP School to their students. Today Bhima is proud that his daughter Bhumika goes to BDP School instead working as child labour. His community feels that she will work for their community development

Expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19200
Number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program this year25

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