Educate children from leprosy afflicted families

Educate children from leprosy afflicted families


Mamta and Kajal’s friendship is an inspiration for many!

16-year-old Mamta lives in the Ashadeep leprosy colony. Her father who was affected by leprosy is now cured but her life has been far from easy.

Both her parents are addicted to alcohol and their regular fights make it hard for Mamta and her siblings to stay at home. Outside the walls of her home, her she has often been mocked for belonging to a leprosy colony.

Hope found Mamta in an unlikely companion, Kajal. Kajal is a 16-year-old girl with dwarfism who regularly visits the Ashadeep colony. She and Mamta became good friends over 10 years ago and travel together to school on Mamta’s bicycle.

Both Kajal and Mamta are often the targets of cruel jokes by their peers. Kajal is laughed at for her disability and Mamta gets called names for being from a leprosy colony. They survive each day by standing up for themselves and for each other constantly.

Their hardships have brought these two strong girls together. They look forward to going to school and creating a better future for themselves. While Kajal wants to be a teacher, Mamta aspires to be doctor. They dream big and work hard believing that there’s more to life than their poverty and alienation.


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The 'Catch Them Young' program initiated by the Leprosy Mission aims to empower children affected by leprosy or those who belong to families where a member is a leprosy patient.

The program realizes that such children may not be able to avail all facilities and opportunities that are otherwise easily available to students free of any social stigma. Scholarships are awarded to these children in order for them to continue their education. The scholarship is awarded to them once a year and includes school fees, books, and stationery. The program was launched in the year 1998 and primarily aims to support students who are pursuing higher education in schools, colleges, and professional courses.

Donate to this program and help children from stigmatized families lead a normal childhood.

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About The NGO

The Leprosy Mission Trust India
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The Leprosy Mission Trust India

The Leprosy Mission was born in 1874 when friends of an Irish school teacher, Wellesley Bailey, and his wife Alice, promised to raise 30 pounds a year to help persons affected by leprosy in India.

Since then, the legacy of their commitment and selfless work has inspired Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLM) to serve lakhs of people who are suffering from leprosy and its social, economic and psychological impact. TLM works through 14 Hospitals, 6 Vocational Training Centers, 5 Snehalayas (Homes for the care of the elderly leprosy-affected people), and various Community-Based Development Projects. Their constant endeavor has been to provide healing, inclusion, dignity and an opportunity for sustainable livelihoods to individuals affected by leprosy.

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Founded in 1991
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Mary Verghese

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Program Updates

Program Updates

30 October, 2018

The Leprosy Mission Trust India's Update


Program Update

Children Unite for Action' is a project working for children and youth affected by leprosy and other disabilities, to access their right to survival, right to protection, right to participation and right to development. The project ensures that children have the necessary skills and knowledge to access education and attain desired relevant careers. The needs of these children are addressed in a holistic manner where they are developed as 'Champions for Leprosy'. Early detection of leprosy among children to prevent disabilities and inclusive development are important aspects of the project. Children affected by leprosy from lower socioeconomic background are awarded scholarship for two years as part of 'A Proud Champion' Award Programme of the project, to encourage and support them to overcome stigma and discrimination related to Leprosy in order to dream high and achieve higher. Many children are getting benefited under this program.

Story from the field

Kalpana Patel wants to be a nurse and serve the society. Her parents are visually impaired and live in a village in Allahabad District. Her father, Mr. Shiv Asre was affected by leprosy. They struggled to meet their ends meet. TLM supported them through livelihood training and helped them set up a kirana store for their livelihood. She has a younger sister studying in Class 12. Both sisters help parents with the shop during their free hours. Even In the midst of all problems Kalpana took up science stream and pursued her goal. She scored 75% in Class 12 examination and has applied for General Nursing. Though her extended family wants her to get married and settle. Her parents are motivated and want her to continue her education. The support received is being utilised for her educational needs.

Expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19300
Number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program this year220

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