Educate children from leprosy afflicted families

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Mamta and Kajal’s friendship is an inspiration for many!

16-year-old Mamta lives in the Ashadeep leprosy colony. Her father who was affected by leprosy is now cured but her life has been far from easy.

Both her parents are addicted to alcohol and their regular fights make it hard for Mamta and her siblings to stay at home. Outside the walls of her home, her she has often been mocked for belonging to a leprosy colony.

Hope found Mamta in an unlikely companion, Kajal. Kajal is a 16-year-old girl with dwarfism who regularly visits the Ashadeep colony. She and Mamta became good friends over 10 years ago and travel together to school on Mamta’s bicycle.

Both Kajal and Mamta are often the targets of cruel jokes by their peers. Kajal is laughed at for her disability and Mamta gets called names for being from a leprosy colony. They survive each day by standing up for themselves and for each other constantly.

Their hardships have brought these two strong girls together. They look forward to going to school and creating a better future for themselves. While Kajal wants to be a teacher, Mamta aspires to be doctor. They dream big and work hard believing that there’s more to life than their poverty and alienation.


Children from families with leprosy are looked down on and not given the same chances to learn and grow like other kids. Helping them to gain education is important so they can work on proving these myths false.

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