Educate an orphan child from the fishing community by Vidyarambam

Educate an orphan child from the fishing community

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The Tsunami could not wash away Meena’s future.

Meena’s life changed when the Tsunami struck in 2004. She was just two years old and was found in a bush, washed up on the shores of Nagapattinam beach.

She was rescued and taken to Annai Sathya Orphanage Home. At first, she did not know how to cope with her new surroundings. She was enrolled in Vidyambaram school but she felt afraid and did not easily take to people around her. She was a quiet child when she joined school.

The staff at Vidyambaram was kind and patient with her. They understood her situation and guided her with care. After a while, Meena began to warm up to those around her and enjoy school. She grew into a happy, confident and enthusiastic young girl who looks at life with hope.

Children who have painful histories need a lot of support to adjust and grow. They need personal attention with smaller learning groups and hands-on teaching techniques to learn. Vidyambaram gives this to children like Meena.

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Vidyarambam Trust, an NGO based in Chennai, has designed an affordable 'play-way' curriculum. The program identifies villages lacking a quality education, selects and trains teachers in such villages and provides supplemental education for under-achieving children.

This program is in three-level grades KG -1, 2 - 3, and 4 - 5 and is complementary to education provided in government schools. A teacher-student ratio of 1:20 is maintained to ensure focused-attention teaching. Their initiatives of training local women as teachers, organizing classes comprising of children with similar learning capacities, and using proven, enjoyable teaching methodologies have worked effectively. Almost 95% of the expenses are towards teaching, materials, monitoring and evaluating, and project support expenses.

This donation helps the center create better learning facilities for pre-primary children to form a strong educational foundation. When you support this program, a rural child with limited access to education gets a chance to learn better.

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About The NGO

Vidyarambam Logo

Vidyarambam is dedicated to providing enjoyable quality education to all under-privileged pre-primary and primary children to encourage them to successfully continue their education. It started out of a passion for disadvantaged rural children who were not getting a quality education.

Mr. V. Ranganathan, Founder, and President is basically an Automobile Engineer worked in India and the Middle East in Managerial capacity. He is retired and he devotes his time entirely to the Trust. He asks-Can we do not provide enjoyable education to attract children? Can we remove the social injustice of denying them a quality education at the vulnerable age?

Close to 8600 Primary and Middle School children have been served in the lifetime of the foundation. Support classes are conducted for over 1200 junior and senior school children

In 2012, Midtown's was awarded the Best digital Literacy Center by the Vidyarambam Trust Digital Literacy.

The foundation until today has changed 25000 lives directly and indirectly

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Founded in 1991
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Primary Education | education

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Tamil Nadu

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Awards And Recognitions

2012: TATA Institute of Social Sciences

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December 2018

Program Updates

Program Updates

22 July, 2019


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Program Update

• Third Term training was held for the teachers of Rotary Vidyarambam School in January 2019. • Samathuva Pongal was laid in school with the rice that all the children brought from their home. • On January 26, the 70th Republic Day Celebration was celebrated in school. • Traffic Police Mr. Rammohan visited our school and talked with the children, and he explaining the rules of road traffic to the children. • The school's Correspondent Mrs. Prema Veeraraghavan and special trainer Mrs. Srimathi Devarajan gave Special training to the teachers to work effectively. • On February 7, the school's 11th Sports day was held. Traditional games like Pallankuzhi, Pambaram, etc.. were played on this Sports day. • On the plastic bag bans, the children prepared bags on paper and handed them to the nearest paramedical shops and vegetable shops. • Former District Collector and current transport department secretary Dr. J. Radhakrishnan had come to school. He interacted with the teachers of the school and listened to the school's functions. • Various cultural programs were held at the School Annual day on March 8, 2019

Story from the field

N. Athithan

Athithan, currently a student of Class V, is studying at the Rotary Vidyarambam School from lower kindergarten. This student is very sad at an early age and has no interest in studying. Because of the special training of the teacher, this student was interested in playing, conversing and eating with fellow students. Much progress has been made in the adoption of good manners. While this student was in second grade, he was trained for Tamil, English and Mathematics with a special teacher. Now he is doing homework without anyone's help, interested in science activities and participating in projects. His work is remarkable as his contribution to the Prayer meeting.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19? 217
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date 217
Village/City/State where project is located Nagapattinam
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19 2282600
Total Expenses for the project YTD 1957429

30 October, 2018

Vidyarambam's Update


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Program Update

Vidyarambam strives to make the children understand as well as enjoy the learning process which is why it focuses on hands-on learning methods. Various activities have been incorporated to enrich the learning process, some of them include science exhibitions, inter-school fests and environment-awareness tasks. To inculcate a sense of environmental responsibility, students are made to plant trees on their birthdays and nurture them henceforth. They are sent on nature walks where they observe and enjoy nature in all its grandness. They are also asked to give speeches about their experience to improve their communication skills. 'Project Day' is an event conducted to apply the knowledge of students practically.

RV School Headmistress S.KARTHIKA got the BEST TEACHER AWARD for her dedication. She joined us a village center and subsequently have gone up the ladder because of her sincerity and dedication

Story from the field

After the devastating Tsunami struck the town of Nagapattinam in 2004, Meena was found in a thorny bush on the shores of Nagapattinam Beach. Meena was just 2 years old when she was found and brought to the Annai Sathya Orphanage home.

When Rotary Vidyarambam School began its operations in 2008, Meena was the first child to be admitted in the school in class 2 and she was awarded the first Roll number in the school. Meena was given free education till she completed her grade 5 at R V School. Her education was completely funded by Mr.Ranganathan, our School Correspondent and Founder of Vidyarambam Trust. As destiny took Meena's parents away from her even when she was a small child, she was given the initial "V" from Vidyarambam and she was fondly called as V.Meena.

Initially Meena found it difficult to mingle with other children and always wore a desolate look on her face and she never looked like a happy child. Gradually, our School's environment and our teachers' love and care greatly helped the child to bring her out of her shell. Soon she developed keen interest in studies and started participating in various activities in the School. She excelled and displayed her skill in various activities like dance, drawing and debates and also took part in various sports at school then. She was also keen to clear any doubts in academics with her teachers. Meena completed her 5th grade in 2012 in our school and joined 6th grade at Natarajan Damayanthi Higher Secondary school. She scored 350 on 500 in her Tenth Level Board exams and currently she is in 11th grade and has chosen Maths, Physics as her main subjects.

Meena says the Phonetics and Grammar that she learnt at R V School is still helping her in her studies. Even today, she takes part in many Fests that are celebrated at R V School. Today Meena is a happy, confident and an enthusiastic student who looks forward to taking her life to greater heights!

Expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19 217
Number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program this year 7

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