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Her healing became a gift to many who suffer.

Bhagwan Dai Amma is a 55-year-old poor woman from Kokilavan in Uttar Pradesh. She was found on the streets with wounds in her feet and eyes that were infested by maggots. She was in pain and could not see or move.

She had no money and no one to turn to for help. Her situation got worse over time until workers from Apna Ghar Ashram found her. They decided to take her in and get her the help she needed.

They ensured that her treatment started immediately. They took her to three different hospitals so that she got the best care. After three months, her wounds began to heal.

Once she recovered, she decided that she wanted to give back and continued in the Ashram. She now leads her days serving those in need. She is a happy soul who enjoys singing, dancing and making sure everyone around her has a good time.


Many of the diseases the poor suffer can be healed with a little care and treatment. It’s important that they have a clean environment and access to the medical aid they need. You can help provide this for them.

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