tag-iconThis program helps people in extreme need

Care for an abandoned destitute by Apna Ghar Ashram, Bharatpur

This program helps people in extreme need

Care for an abandoned destitute

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Her healing became a gift to many who suffer.

Bhagwan Dai Amma is a 55-year-old poor woman from Kokilavan in Uttar Pradesh. She was found on the streets with wounds in her feet and eyes that were infested by maggots. She was in pain and could not see or move.

She had no money and no one to turn to for help. Her situation got worse over time until workers from Apna Ghar Ashram found her. They decided to take her in and get her the help she needed.

They ensured that her treatment started immediately. They took her to three different hospitals so that she got the best care. After three months, her wounds began to heal.

Once she recovered, she decided that she wanted to give back and continued in the Ashram. She now leads her days serving those in need. She is a happy soul who enjoys singing, dancing and making sure everyone around her has a good time.


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Apna Ghar Ashram believes that the needy have the first right to the organization's resources. They have residential Ashrams in various places across India.

The organization identifies helpless people found on railway platforms, bus stands, roadside etc in harsh conditions. These people are usually mentally challenged, physically handicapped, paralyzed, leprosy-affected, cancer affected, blind, aged, etc. In most cases, they are neglected by families and due to sickness are not in a position to state their names or addresses. They are brought back to the ashram and treated with the help of partner hospitals. After they recover, if their families can be contacted, they are sent home. If they have no family, they stay at the home.

Donations made to this program support the caretaker charges, medicines, medical care, toiletries for the home and the residents. With your support many destitute, disabled beneficiaries can find a safe haven.

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About The NGO

Apna Ghar Ashram, Bharatpur
Apna Ghar Ashram, Bharatpur Logo
Apna Ghar Ashram, Bharatpur

Apna Ghar Asharam was established with the mission to give shelter, hope and happiness to the homeless, oppressed, mentally and psychically challenged people. Their vision is to not let anyone perish due to lack of help and support. They have successfully saved many lives and provided them with food, shelter and medical care, then, restoring them to the mainstream society.

More than 50% of the residents have been rehabilitated through various ways. 458 men and 1004 women live in the ashram currently. There are various categories of inmates that live here which includes the mentally challenged, sick, handicapped, injured, people with HIV/AIDS and healthy people as well.

There are 17 Apna Ghar Ashrams in all major cities of the country and it continues to develop, as it provides its selfless service and devotion to help people in need. In 2016, Apna Ghar Asharam was awarded the State Award by the State Government as the Best Services Organisation.

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Founded in 1991
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Apna Ghar Ashram, Bharatpur has

supported the residential care of 10,516 destitute women

Awards And Recognitions
Awards And Recognitions

2016: Uttarakhand State Opthalmological Society

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December 2018

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Program Updates

Program Updates

5 August, 2020

Apna Ghar Ashram for all


Apna Ghar Ashram for all

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“Apna Ghar” Ashram is a shelter home run by the organization for homeless, helpless, ill, physically or mentally socked patients which are generally found on road side, railway station, bus stand, religious or public places. As per information these inmates admitted in “Apna Ghar” Ashrams where treatment, food clothing, home and other necessity of life provided by the organization without any charges. At present 3091 these types of inmates being served by the organization in “Apna Ghar” Ashrams. There were 3091 such type of inmates were in the Apna Ghar Ashram and been served by the organization as on 1 December 2019. During the period Dec 19 to Feb 20, 2019-2020 new inmates admitted and 662 such type of inmates rehabilitated during this period. Due to very critical conditions and old age 420 inmates could not be saved and expired during this period.

3 December, 2019

Care and support being provided


Care and support being provided

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22 July, 2019


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Program Update

This program is related to provide nutritious food to the helpless malnourished inmates living in Apna Ghar Ashram. By Providing food under this program treatment change in the health and life of these inmates. They are now participating different recreation activities and celebrations being held at Apna Ghar Ashram. The inmates who recovered involved them selves in different activities services at Apna Ghar Ashram like food preparation services of other inmates development activities office work ete During admission they were not even able to look after of the shelves and now they are in position that they not only care of themselves but also involved themselves in the services of other reach type of inmates.

Story from the field

Smt Dulari is mentally sick and dirty condition was admitted in apna ghar ashram Bharatpur on dated 18-02-19 as information of Shri Hari Shankar constable thana murlipura Jaipur. Dulari Prabhooji condition is very serious at admission time in apna ghar ashram . She was able to tell here self at the time of admission. As per treatment and care at apna ghar ashram bharatpur he condition in improved and at present time his work in kichan and ward and Participates in the activities apna ghar ashram of the music and dance. She were very happy in ashram. He condition in improved so tell her self about so given the mobile number and his family contact to apna ghar ashram bharatpur. About a month later, to take the family of Dulari Prabhu's family, Ashram came to Bharatpur and found Dulari to be very happy and meet with Dulari Prabhuji to see his mother's eyes tears, seeing this sweet and affectionate scene, all eyes are blind. He told that Dulari Prabhu's mental condition was not correct due to which he went out of the house almost a month ago In spite of this, we did not get any success and later we got the information from the ashram of our house that Dulari is in our home ashram. It is not the place of our happiness by receiving this information and we have come to our home ashram Bharatpur to take Dhulari. He wrote that Dulari Prabhu is now fine, he is kind enough to hand over to us.

What is the expected total number of beneficiaries in this program for FY18-19? 151
What is the number of beneficiaries/ benefits provided in this program, Year-To-Date 151
Village/City/State where project is located Bajhera Bharatpur Rajasthan
Total Budget for the project for FY18-19 114081
Total Expenses for the project YTD 1041406

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This program is fully funded because of donors like you.