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The Kendra is well known in the field of limb / joint replacement for handicapped people from the lower strata of society.

How It Works

• Hospitals and others in this field send beneficiaries to them.
• The fixing of the limb is done at the Kendra.
• Beneficiaries from out of town can stay for a day and the Kendra takes care of their boarding and lodging.
• The Kendra also organises camps for the same, where they first conduct measurements and then provide fittings.
• However, Give India donations are used specifically for the fittings done at the Kendra, where even the measurements are done there itself.
• A limb is customised for each person depending on his/her condition.
• A Below Knee replacement includes the Calf along with a Jaipur Foot and Ethoflex Padding and Belt.
• The Jaipur Foot is a combination of wood, pvc and high density rubber with a pink coating.
• The Kendra buys them in bulk in various sizes.
• The steel and aluminium rods are also purchased and stored at the Kendra.
• Depending on the need and size of the limb, the limb is customized and fitted using steel aluminum joints with rivets.
• The Ethoflex material is used for padding; a belt is provided to hold the limb to the waist.
• Training is provided to the patients after the limb is fixed.
• The limb is durable for a year and needs to be replaced if it breaks in between.
• In case of children, the limb needs frequent replacement, since they are constantly growing.
• The necessity of replacing limbs has come down in recent years as polio cases have reduced.
• But there is still a demand for these aids for diabetic people and accident cases.


• 5 – Number of hours required by the technician to fix a limb
• 23 – Number of years since the Kendra has been in this field
• 218 – Number of below knee limbs that were fixed in 2010-11
• 220 – Number of patients that were expected in 2011-12

donation option break-up cost in INR
Raw materials and preparation for Prosthetic –Below Knee limb 885.00
Jaipur Foot 350.00
Padding and Belts 100.00
Admin and Feed Back cost 150.00
Unit Price 1,485
Total 1,485


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