VISHWAS - Vision For Health Welfare and Special Needs



The foundation of Vishwas Vidyalaya is embedded in the belief that every child has a right to meaningful and quality education in a positive learning environment. Their mission is to create a diverse and inclusive Society where every individual is ensured equal rights and opportunities in a dignified manner.

Vishwas was started in 2005 by Neelam Jolly in a government school in a village near Gurgaon. The idea of working with children with disabilities came with its own challenges. Vishwas was keen to reach the rural areas and hence regrouped in Gurgaon to implement and refine the ideas and concepts of inclusive practices. Equipped with new insight and understanding they returned to the villages to implement their practices. Neelam Jolly spearheads VISHWAS and under her leadership, VISHWAS is running four programmes – 1. Vishwas Vidyalaya 2. Community-based Programme 3. Skill development and Training Programme 4. Research and Training Programme. Vishwas Vidyalaya is a Haryana Education board recognized Elementary school with inclusive practices. The Vidyalaya serves close to 300 students including 17% children with disabilities.

Contact Details

Arya Samaj Road,
Near Unitech Cyber Park,
Gurgaon 122002 Haryana