UDAAN India Foundation

Udaan India Foundation works with the motive of enabling a brighter future for children from low-income communities by providing them with desired knowledge, skills, values and support to achieve their true potential.

The foundation of what Udaan is today was laid in 2004 when a group of people came together to help children from the construction workers' community to get into mainstream schools. Thus began Project Udaan. The overwhelming progress shown by the children enrolled at Udaan Learning Centre programs over the years paved the way for Project Udaan to be registered as Udaan India Foundation in 2009.

Mamta Rangan founded Udaan India Foundation as the informal Project Udaan. Taking a sabbatical from the corporate sector, her move to Mumbai brought her face to face with the stark inequities that we so often fail to notice in our busy lives. Her belief, "education is key to Change" led her to start Project Udaan to help children of construction workers to enrol in mainstream schools. The project was registered as a non-profit in 2009 to support the educational needs of children from low-income communities. The organisation today offers a range of programs that include Kindergarten, Learning Center, School Support, Saturday Club, Library, Alumni support and Scholarships and Skills Enhancement.

No. of 10th students for mentoring, guidance and scholarships program - 123

No. of support learning programmes for Municipal school - 755

No. of children from low-income community for Pre school programme - 83

No. of youths for spoken English and computer literacy courses - 202

No. of children for after school programme in Municipal school - 392

Support underprivileged children begin their educational journey
Support underprivileged children begin their educational journey
13.4 per month

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Shop no.5, Friends CHS, Ganesh Nagar, Panch kutir, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400076