Tomorrows Foundation

The vision of Tomorrow's Foundation is to improve the quality of life of the deprived children, empowering them with education and skills with a view to help them realize their self-worth, so that they can grow into self-respecting and independent individual

Arup Ghosh was an intern at Nirmal Hriday, the destitute home of Mother Teresa. He began teaching the destitute children who came to have snacks. From this initiative, the Tomorrow's Foundation emerged.

Tomorrow Foundation aims to help children affected by political violence improve their self-confidence and allow them to establish themselves as dignified citizens of this world. Regular local, national and international exposure programmes are conducted so that the children are able to aspire for a better future and becomes role models in their own communities.

The foundation works with children and women from the slums of Kolkata. They work towards mainstreaming children and providing remedial education. They work with women in improving the standard of life by creating skilled tailors through Swabalamban Project, conducting club meeting, parents meeting & mothers meeting for the formation of SHG groups to make them self-reliant.

Contact Details

61/1 Pratapaditya Road,
Near HP Gas Office,
Kolkata 700026 West Bengal