Society For Child Development

Driven by the conviction that there is a way to create a world of equal opportunities for people with disabilities, the Society for Child Development (SFCD) was set-up as a non-profit organization in 1992 to establish programs and initiatives for its actualization. Prabhat, a school for children with learning difficulties was set up with an aim to provide students with an educational and training facility that would assist them in acquiring basic living and academic skills. At the age of 18, students transfer to the Vocational Training Center to learn market-driven skills and crafts.

But the road to development is not about school and vocational education alone, and SFCD embarked on a unique website called the Disability India Network. Encouraged by the enthusiastic responses, they added an Online Legal Aid Cell which provides pro-bono counsel to the differently-abled and their families.

To expand the scope and extend their reach further, they also set-up a Parent Support Network to provide a forum for parents to benefit from each others' experiences. Because of this expansion, the Society for Child Development now includes a variety of programs and initiatives to promote the rights of persons with disabilities from several angles.

Support the meal expenses of a special needs person
differently abled
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Support the meal expenses of a special needs person
6.69 per month

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