Shree Navchetan Andhjan Mandal

Shri LaljibhaiMepabhai Prajapati lost his eyesight in 1969 due to a problem in the optic nerve. At that time he was 15 years old and in the final year of secondary school. It took him three years to come to terms with his blindness and gain control of himself.

He was determined to win over his blindness and lead life like a normal person. He passed S.S.C exam as external student, did B.A. in Hindi and passed Sangeet Visarad. He took industrial training at Blind Mens Association in Ahmedabad. He was a brilliant student and active in extracurricular activities during his sighted days. He continued this trend even after turned blindness.

Being blind himself, he realized the difficulties faced by the blind in Kutch. He decided to establish Shree Navchetan Andhjan Mandal, in 1976 at Bhachau to alleviate difficulties faced by them. He is the guiding force behind its welfare activities.

The organisation aims to provide each and every differently abled education, health & medical care, vocational training for rehabilitation, so that they become productive members of the society, earn their livelihood and build their self-confidence. The organisation has expanded over the years to provide an array of services to differently abled people from poor families.

Stats for 16-17

No. of differently abled as well as non-differently abled children receiving Primary education - 146

No. of differently abled and non-differently abled children receiving education - 148

No. of elders residing in our old age home - 102

No. of differently abled children receiving industrial training - 17

No. of differently abled girls staying in our hostel and receiving education -105

No. of differently abled children from ten talukas of Kachchh district receiving secondary education in Government schools by our Special educators - 361

No. of differently abled boys staying in our hostel and receiving education -144

No. of patients receiving benefits from our low cost physiotherapy centres per day - 50

No. of differently abled as well as non-differently abled boys receiving Primary education - 204

No. of differently abled children receiving training and financial support - 7

Active Programs

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