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1947 is recognized by Indians as a water-shed year for the nation. It was in this year that the country gained independence and could finally decide its own destiny, standing on its own two feet. As if in a parallel development, there was a similar thought process in the mind of Mr. Mangulal J Shah, who wanted to raise the education and skills of India's visually challenged persons ( VCP's) so high that they would no longer be dependent on others for their self sufficiency.

Thus the history of the National Association for the Blind, India too begins in 1947 itself. This seed was then watered for the first time in Bombay by Mr. B. G. Kher, the then Premier of Bombay Province, who moved a resolution at the First All India Conference for the Blind, and helped establish NAB, India.

The National Association for the Blind works with visually impaired people of all age groups, and runs a number of programs that range from providing Integrated education and Vocational Training to visually impaired children and adults, to designing certifiable courses and recording audio books.

NAB aims to re-integrate visually impaired people into regular life, and has gone on to touch the lives of thousands of people.

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