Indian Cancer Society

With a vision to be the beacon of hope against cancer, The Indian Cancer Society (ICS) was established as India's first voluntary, non-profit, National Organization for Awareness, Detection, Cure, and Survivorship of those affected with cancer. Aimed at providing end-to-end cancer support, their projects indulge in encouraging awareness of prevention and curability of Cancer, facilitating early detection and offering emotional support and medical aid to patients.

Their various praiseworthy activities include cancer detection centers and mobile cancer detection camps that facilitate early detection of cancer, financial and emotional support throughout the treatment to poor cancer patients through accommodation, rehabilitation, and survivor support groups. Additionally, they assist the medical fraternity by providing a medium for the dissemination of information and research findings through the Indian Journal of Cancer.

Since its inception, ICS has sponsored and assisted numerous cancer patients in their fight against the disease and also received support for their activities from prestigious institutions like HDFC Asset Management Company, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, and A. H. Wadia Trust.

Contact Details

74, Jerbai Wadia Road, Parel,
Mumbai 400012 Maharashtra