Apna Ghar Ashram, Bharatpur

Apna Ghar Asharam was established with the mission to give shelter, hope and happiness to the homeless, oppressed, mentally and psychically challenged people. Their vision is to not let anyone perish due to lack of help and support. They have successfully saved many lives and provided them with food, shelter and medical care, then, restoring them to the mainstream society.

More than 50% of the residents have been rehabilitated through various ways. 458 men and 1004 women live in the ashram currently. There are various categories of inmates that live here which includes the mentally challenged, sick, handicapped, injured, people with HIV/AIDS and healthy people as well.

There are 17 Apna Ghar Ashrams in all major cities of the country and it continues to develop, as it provides its selfless service and devotion to help people in need. In 2016, Apna Ghar Asharam was awarded the State Award by the State Government as the Best Services Organisation.

Contact Details

Bajhera, Achhnera Road
Bharatpur 321001