Akhanda Seva for International Shanti (Operation Shanti)

Operation Shanti is an America based NGO that focuses primarily on providing the basic amenities to the unprivileged sections of our society. It has been working to give a roof and meals to the unsheltered families of Mysore, Karnataka.

Project Street provides home and medical attention to destitute men, women, and kids. It relocates them into homes from the streets and provides medical assistance to those struck with HIV/AIDS.

Project Food & More (PFM) provides monthly care packages to homeless families affected by medical hardship.

Under Project Home, Karuna Maye is a shelter for children that aims at improving their lives by providing them with food and school tutoring. Kids who have been orphaned and left to beg on the streets with their mothers are taken into a shelter and given a life of a middle-class child, as they deserve. Suma and Surya are one of those few kids whose lives have been transformed by Karuna Maye.

The right guidance has landed Suma in a college and Surya speaks fluent English now. Operation Shanti is incessantly working to improve the lives of these people, as it believes that everyone deserves a right to live to their full potential.

Contact Details

#1525 Sharadanikethan Road,
Roopa Nagar, MK Halli Post
Mysore 570026 Karnataka