ACCESS(Association for Community Care, Education, and Social Services) was founded to help children who are being exploited in the stone quarries of Bangalore as child labourers. At such a tender age, when they were supposed to be playing and learning, they were being oppressed; ACCESS took an initiative to rescue these innocent souls, providing them with education and health facilities.

It also takes care of the Social, Emotional, Physical, and Cognitive development of each child through a wide range of care options & prepares them to be productive adults. Various projects have been undertaken by ACCESS which includes Child Development Centers, Foster Care, Community Service, Play School and Women's Program. It takes care of women in a plethora of ways, from aiding and restoration of the women-in-crisis to providing them livelihood opportunities in its tailoring center.

ACCESS has provided daily nutritional supplements along with screening and preventive care to 700 children in the past one year. 836 children are still continuing with their schools and colleges. ACCESS continues to reshape the lives of these children and women, making them confident and future-ready.

Contact Details

No.10, Andhra Muniyappa Layout,
Chellikere, Kalyan Nagar,
Bangalore 560043 Karnataka