Mission: Every Girl In School

Educate a girl, build our nation

Bhalerao Samiksha Sandip
Age: 14
Kankanala Akshaya
Age: 12
Naramita Mallik
Age: 12
Jadhav Srushti Ramesh
Age: 8
Shreya. K
Age: 8

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Girls continue to play second fiddle in India. Despite education being a fundamental right for all children, girls from impoverished, illiterate families are mostly denied this right.

Poverty, cultural norms, poor school infrastructure, distance from home and child marriage play a huge part in keeping them away from class. And by the time they reach adolescence, almost 40% are out of school, a majority kept at home doing household chores instead of preparing for further studies and gainful employment.

Mission: Every Girl in School aims to support the education of 1,000 girls across the country - and you can be a part of it. Just a small donation from you every month can make a huge difference to one girl's life.

Mission: Every Girl in School

336 girls still need support

679 monthly supporters


per month

$ 24.42 per month supports 3 girls
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Once you donate, we will send you the name and photo of the girl child you are supporting as well as their academic report cards.


Our promise that your giving is doing what it's supposed to - changing lives.

We go to the extent of meeting the actual people that the nonprofits serve. Yes, they sometimes live in remote villages, but that doesn't stop us because we take our promise to bring you trustworthy options very seriously.

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GiveIndia partners with the most credible nonprofits to make sure your donation does what it is supposed to - change lives.

Join us in this mission to ensure that every girl in our country has access to the fundamental right to education.

Your support for a girl's schooling will:


Give access to education

A better future for them & their families


Impact dropout rates

More girls will finish school


Prevent child marriages

Educated girls are 6 times less likely to marry early


$ 8.14



A donation of $ 8.14 a month can provide education to




How many girls will you support?

24.42 per month supports 3 girls