Provide care for the aged in need

Save tax
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Support vulnerable elderly

Provide them with respect and care

Studies show over 70% of senior citizens in India face abuse - verbal, physical, emotional and financial. They also live with deteriorating health conditions they cannot afford to treat. Mission: #EldersLivesMatter ensures they are not alone, sick and hungry. ₹1,000/month provides one elder in need with rations, toiletries, nutritional supplements and essential medicines. If required, it may also include accommodation expenses.


GiveIndia partners with the most credible nonprofits to make sure your donation does what it is supposed to - change lives.

₹ 1,000



A donation of ₹1,000 a month can provide monthly basic essentials to 1 elder.

Your support towards a senior citizen’s care will:

Give them nutrition

Build immune system to fight infections

Provide supplements & medications

Will keep elders in good health

Care and support

Provide toiletries and monthly essentials

Once you donate, we will send you the name and photo of the elder you are supporting as well as periodic progress reports about them.

Manohar Nana Waghmare
Age: 64
Age: 78
Vasava Sailiben Ranchodbhai
Age: 83
Shantabai Laxman Londhe
Age: 81
Magar Eknath Madale
Age: 68

40 elders still need support

828 monthly supporters


₹ 2,000 per month supports 2 elders
You will be billed ₹ 2,000 every month.
You can cancel anytime.

Our promise that your giving is doing what it supposed to-changing lives.

Our NGO Partners

Our NGO Partners

Gram Vikas trust
Kidpower india

Why donate monthly to GiveIndia?

Direct impact

Know your beneficiary, we'll share their name, picture and more

Regular updates

Learn how you make a change in their lives through our reports

Trusted giving

Every beneficiary you support is under the care of GiveAssured nonprofits

Real change

Your choice to give monthly will make a long-lasting impact

Share this mission with your network

Every share will be a step towards helping a life in need. By reaching out to your family and friends you can make a larger impact.


Updates on the mission will be provided in September 2021

How many elders will you support?

24.03 per month supports 2 elders



Why do senior citizens in India face abuse and are often abandoned?



Do I get the details of the beneficiary I will be supporting immediately after I subscribe to this mission? How often will I get a report on how my beneficiary is doing?



When and how can I cancel my subscription to this mission?



What is the tax benefit that I will be receiving upon subscribing to this mission?



Do all the NGOs associated with this mission come under GiveIndia’s strict due diligence process?



Can I support more than one mission on the GiveIndia platform?



Can I establish contact with the beneficiary I support?