Want to make an impact?

We’re looking for passionate, committed people, who want to make a difference in the social sector, to join us in making GiveIndia even better.
Is that you?

Our Purpose

We exist to alleviate poverty by enabling the world to give. GiveIndia was born to bridge the gap between the people who want to make a difference through giving back and those who are doing phenomenal work but need more support.

Our Values

GiveIndia’s vision is to alleviate poverty by enabling the world to give.


Integrity in everything we do

We strive never to take the easy path, but always the honest one. We practice integrity in all our actions and try to do the right thing by every stakeholder.


Serve with passion

We are fiercely committed to our purpose of poverty alleviation, and work with a burning desire to make a difference.


Focused on scale

We stay laser-focused on large-scale impact. If we can’t scale it, we park it.


Empathy for all

We are committed to working together with unconditional respect, freedom, trust and support for each other.

Join GiveIndia to make an impact

We look for people who don't want just a job, we look for people who want to make a difference.
Join our community and enable the world to give.
Explore our culture of giving, inclusion, growth and impact.

People are at the heart of GiveIndia, and we want you to excel. As a GiveIndian you will work in a high performance culture, which enables you to grow with amazing opportunities. You play the lead role in your growth, and we will support you.

To build a high performing culture we do kickASSS hiring, where ASSS stands for :

Attitude : eager to be in our environment and a positive outlook
Social sector intent : readiness and keenness to switch to a not so lucrative opportunity
Smarts : solution oriented, analytical,comfortable in an agile environment
Skills : basics of relevant skills

Our Culture

  • Equal opportunities for all, a high trust environment and transparency within the workplace is what the GiveIndia culture is all about.
  • We don't have a leave policy. Employees can take unlimited time off, when needed!
  • We believe in the culture of learning and growth. Every GiveIndian is provided with financial support to enroll in a course of their choice to upskill.
  • Infrastructure and wifi reimbursements are provided to all employees working from home
  • A medical emergency fund has been set up to support employees and their families during the COVID pandemic (2021).
  • Being a fast paced environment, we ensure we support every GiveIndian through our quick response to employee needs.
  • Through our mental health partners, GiveIndians can speak to counsellors if needed. GiveIndia will bear the expenses. Our inhouse “Listening Officer” meets with the members of Tribe - our community of GiveIndians who have created a safe space to talk about personal struggles.
  • Medical insurance is provided to employees and their dependants
  • Work from home has made us all innovate. We celebrate all milestones of GiveIndians virtually - be it Giveversaries (work anniversaries), Women’s Day, annual tournaments, awards etc.

Our Team

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